that growing babe….

We had monthly onesies to take photos of Soren. We used the same onesies for Sloane along with Christopher bear who was Adam’s childhood stuffed animal. Now posting said photos is another issue (and apparently actually taking them for a few months). But in this post we go through 7 to 12 months!

7 months- this was the thick of the house hunting. Soren came on most of our tours and was a good little helper. This is also when I cut out more foods to help with Soren. The main goal was to have him to sleep longer than 2 hour stretches. This was the point I was going a bit crazy- 7 months of sleeping in 2 hours burst will do that to you! So hence- no photo in the onesie. But here’s a couple cute ones from around his 7 month mark.

8 months- more of the same though sleep was improving and we had an offer accepted on a house. It has such a relief to be done searching but then packing and listing the condo became a reality. We also had Soren’s tongue tie re-released. this was the final piece and helped sleep, teeth, and eating solids.

9 months- This was our last day at the condo! He was 21.7 lbs and 28.5 inches at his 9 month check up.

10 months- We were in the new house! It takes Soren one day to figure out how to climb the one step out of the sunken living. And he starts pulling himself up to standing.

11 months- We got his room all set up and moved him to sleeping in there. His crawling was super fast! He was constantly trekking down the hall, waiting to be chased.

12 months- Look at this cutie! 23.1 lbs and 29 inches long (though we think this was not the most accurate measurement)


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