This was a post I worked on last month but forgot to publish. The pics are too good not to share.

Our good friends, the Wades, moved away for the summer. Sloane and Maera were really cute together the last couple times we saw them. We miss the Wade family and can’t wait for the girls to play together this September.

IMG_1752 20150419_085548

B likes to hold Sloane in her lap and is being really helpful. Most recently while holding Sloane, B remarked, “hmmm, Sloane’s pretty big!” Last year, B would always ask me where Adam was when she saw me. Now she only wants to know where Sloane is!


Luckily, Sloane has other little friends. When Rally met Sloane, she walked over and asked if Sloane would like to play with her. Alder and Gage are less than a year older than Sloane, but my guess is she’ll be bossing them around as she already out weighs them.

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