Sloane’s school play

Sloane’s classroom puts on a play every March. The students have to come up with their characters and then they help decide what will happen in the play. Sloane decided to be a ballerina princess mommy who was magical. She decided what she wanted to wear and her accessories. Her favorite part was probably getting to put on glitter make up in her classroom before the play.

Sloane was brave and did a great job on stage. At the end the class did a song and dance call tootie-tot. The song has actions that pile up with each verse, ending with an accumulation of thumbs up, elbows back, feet apart, knees together, bottoms up, tongue out, eyes closed (or squinting for on stage), and turning around. It was an adorable evening.

I never got around to posting about the play last year because our March was so full and busy. But here is a video from the play 2018- flash back to 3 year old Sloane!


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