18 months for Soren

Amazing- we’ve made it 18 months with two monkeys!

Soren is a charmer! He has the sweetest grin and loves to wave at everyone. The other day a neighbor waved us past walking by their driveway. Soren turned around and blew them a kiss. They were very enamored!

He is also a climber. I call him my little goat because he wants to stand on anything to make even just a little bit higher up. He gets up on the coffee table we have against the wall and window. He climbs up and stands on the table. And the next step was not far behind- climbing out onto the window sill to the side. The first few minutes he does great and can lower himself, but as time goes on, he gets fatigued and crashes. But there is lots of crashing at our house!

Soren has proven to have an analytical mind and loves to solve problems. Sometimes the problem is something I moved out of his reach and he is using a wooden spoon to reach it. Or pulling out the dowel and round piece out of a spinning top. He is quick to figure out which shape lines up with the holes in the little shape-in-the-bucket game. We are hoping this will translate in to help around the house- especially in the kitchen!

Soren loves bananas (many days he has eaten 2 by 630 am). And he eats them and looks like a chimpanzee! And those bananas are adding up- he weighs 25 lbs 8 oz and 32 inches tall.

As you can see from the photos, Soren loves his big sister! He wants to do everything like her. Recently this includes having his hair brushed before we leave the house and wearing her skirts!

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