March 2019 visit from G and Pa

We had another wonderful March visit with G and P. The weather was gorgeous and it was a nice escape for them to an early Pacific NW spring. Especially since I heard from them this week that it snowed again.

Soren was a little mini me with Pa. Right away, the first morning Soren wanted to sit in his lap to read books. He wanted to be just like him standing at the park. One afternoon, I came in the door with my mom and dad and Soren looks right past G and me; saying Pa, Pa, Pa?

Sloane was given a fancy dress that was Bennett’s. Adam suggested she could wear it on a tea date with G. We made it happen on Monday afternoon. Sloane was so excited to wear the dress and have a special time with G. When we picked them up, Sloane made Pa guess what she had for a snack and then teased him by not actually saying yes to what she had. Tricky guessing game for sure.

G gave Sloane a sparkle glitter face paint kit. We all let her paint our faces on the beautiful Sunday. We did not get a group shot which is terrible because you all don’t get to see Pa’s fancy blue glitter mustache. Below you can get a glimpse of his blue glitter eyebrows though.

We went into Hood River and up to Domaine Pouillon winery one day. On the way out we stopped at a salmon and trout hatchery that is also home to a few sturgeon. One particular old large one, Herman, picture below. The winery is one that Adam and I have been to in the past and Papa 2 volunteers at during the year. We were able to sit outside on a big swing and enjoy the views of the gorge while we sipped our wine.

G and Pa helped us get some yard work done, cleaning up the garden beds and taking out some shrubs. The yard looks much better and we’ve been enjoying seeing the plants come up in our first spring in our house. We celebrated with bubbles on the deck and Soren was in heaven.

We love you, G and Pa! Come back soon.

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