Soren-d; an update

The mister is 21 months old now! It was a year ago that we moved into our house on his 9 month-a-versary. It is crazy how much he has grown and changed in the past year- from a crawling little bundle into a walking and kinda talking little person.

Soren has some favorite moves and sounds. Currently, he likes to do ‘happy feet’ where he kicks out his feet and taps them down quickly. He is very close to jumping with two feet and practices whenever we talk about bunnies.

Soren has been speaking more clearly, at least for our ears. He started calling Sloane “Noane” which I love. Some of his best words are octopus and blueberry. He does this great thing where he repeats the word over and over until we guess the right one. Most recently, it is snack. Some of the words have been super helpful- like help! It is very sweet to be doing something in the kitchen and hear a little ‘help, help’ from the living room.

We had a very warm weekend in May where we pulled out the kiddie pool. Soren has never been into baths and has always showered with us. In the past few month, we attempted baths and he just wanted to stand to look in. But this warm weekend, it was the perfect combination and he got in the pool and LOVED it! Since then, he runs into the bathroom, says something like bath while laying on the floor to have you get his diaper off. It is nice to know as we go into summer and will be spending more time around water

Soren has always loved shoes. He likes to put on every ones shoes and shuffle around in them. This had taught him well and he can put on his own shoes now most of the time. He also likes to tidy up and puts things where they belong. When we get home, he’ll take off his sweat shirt and put it on the trunk. I’ve got a helper in the clean up department!

Hopefully, I stay on top of posts this summer. But here is a slide show of some cute pictures from this spring.

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