April visitors from NH

Jesse and Lida spent their April vacation with us again in 2019. We were so happy to show them our new house and get some good visits in.

Soren adored Lida! He wanted to draw with her and sit in her lap often.

We had adventures to many parks. Our new neighborhood is great for walking to our neighborhood park and short drives to others. It helps to get the energy out of those kiddos.

Waiting during Sloane’s ballet class

I suggested to Sloane that she go with Jesse and Lida for dinner one night. She wanted to go to her fav, Burgerville and insisted I come so they wouldn’t get lost. We had a nice dinner and then Lida went up to order ice cream for them. They didn’t know the cone was for a 4 year old and it was huge! Sloane just giggled and giggled when she saw it.

The last night we watched, or attempted to watch Lida’s favorite movie from when she was little, the Aristocats. Sloane got very nervous and we had to stop it. The next night when they had left, Sloane powered through and really enjoyed it.

Please don’t go home, Aunt Jesse and Lida!

Also, if Jesse, Lida, Sloane, and Soren start a band, this will be there album cover.

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