2 year old Soren!

This little guy is so sweet. He has started giving these great hugs where he really squeezes your neck. He likes to follow it up with a wet kiss on the cheek as well. Soren adores his sister and they mostly play very well together. She tries to carry him often and will sometimes read him books when he asks. He has started a bit of the ‘mine’ phase so sharing is challenging these days.

We celebrated his birthday four times! First we had a shared birthday with Nini before she left with Papa 2 for Europe. Then we celebrated with G and Pa on their visit. The next weekend we had friends over the celebrate, finishing with a cupcake on his actual birthday. He has his own scooter now! Thanks Nini and Papa 2. And his own tool kit- Thanks G and Pa. We’ve gotten good use out of both already. Scooter rides in the sun and hammering nails into boards in the garage on rainy days.

Other big steps is that Soren started daycare 2 days a week at Clark College where Sloane goes. The first day, he was fine with Adam saying goodbye until he figured it out. Since then, drop offs have been very sad but his days have been good. He is in the same room that Sloane was in when she started with the same teacher. It is very helpful to be familiar with it all.

Soren has had major developments with language skills. He repeats and remembers so many words. Rach brought watermelon to his party and the next two days he asked for it with a very close approximation to watermelon. We’ve started giving him gluten and dairy and it seems to be going well. Noodle is a new favorite food and word!

Soren is also quite a character. He loves his headphones! He wore them during our travels to NH, not connected most of the time. Soren likes to wear Sloane’s headband with the ends in his ears which looks so uncomfortable. His new favorite song is Hakuna Mata from the first Lion King. He calls it “tata” and it is actually the only song he asks for. It is getting a bit old but he loves it so much, we endure.

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