G and Pa’s work trip, or “vacation”

We had a gap in child care before Soren started daycare and Nini and Papa 2 were out of the country. My parents came for just over a week to help. It was the start of their big 4 week western US adventure. When my parents come, I make a list of projects to do. And what a list it was this year! We, I mean my dad, accomplished so much. Finished some of the exterior painting, replaced our terrible bathroom faucets, and painting our hall closet doors. It is so nice to have G’s help with watching the kids and Pa’s help with projects.

The kids really enjoyed spending time with G and Pa. They went on walks around the neighborhood. Walking was better for everyone as scooter and bike rides end up being closer to runs for the adults now.

Pa brought out two new paintings he did for the kids- elephants from our zoo for Sloane and sheep for Soren. They are beautiful and have amazing colors. Soren does insist his painting is of goats though. I asked Sloane if we could hang them in the living room and she said she wanted them in their rooms. Guess I have to commission my own set for the living room.

The last night they were here we ran errands before dinner. We dropped Pa off at Trader Joe’s and waited for him. When he left the store, we drove over and I started yelling “Pa, Pa!” while going to pick him up to make the kids laugh. It has become a a running joke and Soren will just start yelling ‘Pa!” to make us laugh.

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