That darn smoke

For 9 days in September, we had toxic air quality in Vancouver due to the wild fire smoke. Our home was not in an area that was under threat of evacuation and we were lucky for that. Adam put a new air filter in our whole house fan right before the air got bad and the ran the fan 24/7. We also read an advisory to strap an air filter to a box fan for living space. I wasn’t sure either was doing much, but I was wrong!

So we basically spent 9 days inside. I decided it was the worse stretch of time since the pandemic started. I would take snow, freezing temperatures, or rain over hazardous air quality again. No being able to go outside was incredible hard with kids Sloane and Soren’s ages. On top of that, we were doing online school (this was before in person days) and we had moved Soren to a real bed. He was not getting tired out during the day, so we tried to skip nap. That lead to him just falling asleep a couple times at 4 pm.

So we let the kids do things like jump on the crib mattress in the living room floor in their bathing suits. Sloane pretended she was the trainer and Soren was a dolphin. And finding all my childhood dolls for Sloane (and Soren if she ever lets him) to play with. Hurdling over the hot pink Dolly the Dolphin tube. Looking at my baby photos. Also, Soren was obsessed with wearing Sloane’s Frozen 2 night gown.

We also watched Mary Poppins. I had to force the kids at first. I told them they had to give it 5 mins. 45 minutes later they had not made a peep. Since then we’ve been singing the songs and dancing around. Sloane even likes to do the accents!

Once the air quality dropped below 100, the kids and I took a walk around the block. They were crazy excited! It was also suddenly fall.

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