Pre Christmas 2020

We wanted to be as festive as possible this year, getting the Christmas decorations down the weekend after Thanksgiving. Then we got our Christmas tree early and decorating it together.

We made looks of cookies- gingerbread, peanut butter krinkles, and triple ginger. Sloane and Soren both helpful in cutting out the gingerbread cookies. I was amazed at their concentration with decorating.

We used our cookie cutters for the first time in years. One set was woodland creatures. I kept calling this one a whale though! Turns out whales don’t live in the forest and it was a snail.

My usually tradition of tying wreaths with Rach at her parent’s house couldn’t happen, again WA restrictions. So Sloaney was my helper and we set up a station in the driveway with our sawhorses (thanks, Dad!). We had a great time listening to Christmas music and saying hi to neighbors walking by. Plus Rach stopped by and dropped off some of the pretty trimmings from her mom’s garden for me to jazz up my wreaths. I was pretty happy with them.

We went to the Portland International Raceway for the Festival of Lights. They did a great job making it COVID-19 friendly. We pre bought our tickets online, plus then we just drove around in our car with the four of us! Adam made pizza for us and we brought it in the car to eat while we were waiting to get in. We let the kids sit in our laps for the slow drive around the track. Both Sloane and Soren wanted to drive around again, but sadly that is no allowed.

Oh, and I got us matching pajamas!

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