100th day of kindergarten

Sloane’s school celebrates the 100th day of kindergarten by dressing up like they are 100 years old. This fell during the snow event in February and ended up being celebrated on the 105th day of school. Sloane was so excited. I told her she could wear one of my scarves a shawl. She then decided she also wanted to wear one in her hair like Rosie the Riveter. We have been reading Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters and the illustrations have the ladies where the classic red bandana tied on top. We used eye shadow to make wrinkles in her forehead and around her eyes, plus some sparkly and green eye shadow for her eyelids.Sloane would be wearing her mask at school, but I let her put on some lipstick to take pictures. It went on a little crazy, which I think adds to the 100 year old look. Even though only one other classmate, plus her teacher were dressed up, she loved it and asked to be dressed up like she was 100 for the rest of the day.

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