New tricks

Sloane is growing and growing! This week she has two new tricks, or developmental milestones if you want to get technical. On 3/20, she rolled over twice in a row, from her back to her belly. Since then, it is difficult to keep her on her back. She is a rolly girl!

She also started to blow raspberries. This is accompanied by lots of drool and some nice bubbles of spit. Mixed in with her squeals and giggles, we can almost have a conversation.


Voyage to the motherland

We took a quick trip to NH in early March. It was the first of many plane rides cross country for Sloane. She did great even though we flew in the evening on the day she got 3 shots at the doctor’s office!

There were snow banks taller than people at my parents’ house so we mostly hunkered down and spent time with the family. G, Pa, Aunt Jesse, Uncle Cam, and Lida had some good Sloane time. Lida really liked holding Sloane and getting some cousin cuddles. Lida also enjoyed photographing Sloane with the iPad, then editing them (some were pretty funny).

Cousins! Plus Lida is so strong.
G holding her sock monkey grandbabe
Pa with his girls’ girls!
Auntie Laura is the baby whisperer! Biggest smiles from Sloane to date!
It wasn’t sunny but the snow reflects so much light. We couldn’t get one with eyes open.
Sloane wearing her first baseball hat, she doesn’t look too happy about it.
One of Lida’s photo’s that she edited. Thankfully there is only one Sloane.





Three months old!

Sloane is officially three months old. I think this is the point I will stop counting weeks and just give her age in months. We had her two month doctor appointment two weeks ago. She was in the 98 percentile for weight and >99 percentile for height. I have the feeling she will take after her Aunt Jesse and cousin Lida in the height department!

One month. Onesie missing. This is Christopher, Adam’s teddy bear from childhood.


2 months!


3 months! Best arm rolls ever!



2014 was quite the year for Adam and me. Wedding in March, starting a practice in April, honeymoon in June, and Sloane being born in December. We are planning to take it easy in 2015 and grow our endeavors.

We went out to Edgefield to celebrate our one year anniversary with brunch and some photos. We loved the location of our wedding and are excited that we get to go there to mark milestones in our life together.


Two months and going strong!

Sloane is two months old now and we are settled into life as a family of three. She has been doing so much growing in the past 9 weeks! Here is a sampling of the hundreds of pics we have taken.

Sloane is holding up her head more each day. This is very helpful with carrying, lifting, and nursing. But she is still in the sweet stage where she is super cuddly. Once she has more muscle control that will change, so we are soaking up the snuggles. She has discovered her hands and tongue and makes a slobbery mess of everything. She loves to lick your shoulder when she is being held upright! No one has seemed to mind yet.