Sloane has got the giggle down! Mostly, it is when she is a little tired and punch drunk. Similar to how Hannah and I use to keep Linda up after we had taken our giggle pills!

We haven’t been able to catch it on video, but sometimes she belly laughs, which is hilarious and makes her sound like a toddler. It gives us some insight of what is to come.

4 months old!

Sloane was four months old last Friday. No surprise that the onesie did not fit again this month! She has remained in the 98% for weight and is helping Adam and me with our arm strength. Grabbing is her newest accomplishment. It is pretty amazing to watch her focus on an object, reach for it, grab it, and promptly put it in her mouth. Everything needs a good layer of drool on it, according to Sloane.

20150417_10445920150424_15315120150424_174330We can’t believe how fast these four months have gone by. We think she is pretty adorable and sweet and feel lucky for our healthy family of three.


What a baby!

Sloane is really a great baby. She flashes gummy smiles to everyone and needless to say it melts hearts. Her coordination is improving. When she wants something, she can grab it and bring it to her mouth. She is trying to improve our hands, her hands, and her toys with drool. We are hoping it turns our skin as soft as hers.

Sloane cuteness resized
photo credit Rowan Wade Best pic of her so far!
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She has found her toes
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Big pimpin’
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Tummy Time

Sloane has a sweet friend named Maera, who is six weeks older than Sloane. Maera learns new tricks first and shows them to Sloane. Maera’s mom also learns new things first and has been showing them to me starting during our pregnancies, which I am very grateful for!

Tummy Time resized
Getting ready to army crawl any day!

I think Sloane looks super cute when she is on her tummy lifting her head up. Her head and cheeks are so heavy that she still doesn’t have much of a neck when sitting. When she stretches out her neck while on her tummy, I get a peak of what she will look like soon.

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