Road trip and Cousins!

Over Memorial Day weekend we traveled to Coeur d’Alene to have Bramble sibling weekend with Darby, Zach, Morgan, Ellie, Zander and Max. It was a bit of an adventure as it was the longest car trip that Sloane had taken, by a long shot, she handled it like a trooper.

It was fun from the moment we got there!

Grumpy from the ride, but happy to be with aunt Darby

We had fun playing at the lake and at the house. It was a good time for Sloane’s cousins to show their mad skills and fun things Sloane can do when she gets older. Sloane enjoyed watching all the action of jumping rope, hiking, finding a “real-live dead fish” and lots of delicious food preparation.

Jumping rope looks like fun!
after a good nights sleep, the cousins had smiles
there was even time for a cat nap with good ol’ dad
Aunt Darby has magic hands

Sloane grew to enjoy uncle Zach too!

Trust me, she warmed up to him

Sloane was a good little traveler, and despite the time in the car and sprouting a tooth, she was still all smiles when she got to be with her mom (even in a parking lot in the Dalles).

What a cute pair of ladies!

It was a fun weekend of Bramble sibling greatness!

I think Sloane saw a bird

G visits and 5 month mark

This past weekend my mom visited us. My niece Lida, as the oldest grandchild, had the honor of ‘naming’ my parents. My mom is G and my dad is Pa, and we love both- short, sweet, and to the point. This was the first solo west coast visit for my mom. It was wonderful to have her spend time with us and see Sloane in her routine and groove here at home.

20150517_163046 20150515_170706 20150517_082825

Sloane was very smiley and happy to see G. She wanted to munch on her knuckles and hands. She even tried to teach G about the forearm harmonica.

The past weekend was also Sloane’s 5 month mark. We ended up going to see the pediatrician on Saturday because she was doing a gasping breath when laying on her back. Instead of a breathing problem, she has a little reflux that was irritating her vocal cords. Reflux can happen around this age and with a growth spurt, which Sloane had between 4 and 5 months. She has grown one inch in length and gained 19 ounces in the past month, and is now 19 lbs 11 oz and 27 inches long!20150517_075504

More firsts

Some of these firsts are wonderful, like sitting up in a highchair.

Sorry for the blurriness, but it was too cute not to share

Others are really cute, like sleeping like a grandpa.IMG_2461

Some are questionable, such as eating your toes.20150425_185125

This was a sad first, scratching yourself during a nap. We called her Harry Potter for a week.20150503_181439


Sloane loves her baths. A while back we had to stop putting the tub on the kitchen counter because she was splashing so much our piles of mail were taking a hit. Now we put her tub in the tub and fill it as full as possible. She splashes and kicks, flinging water everywhere. We can’t wait to get her in the pool sometime soon.

As evidenced by this video, we have found that bath time is too stimulating for a bedtime routine. We are just glad she likes them because she gets pretty dirty and a little ripe in the folds.

Mother’s day

We had a nice relaxing day this Sunday. Adam made breakfast, my favorite blue cornmeal pancakes, eggs, and bacon. The three of us went for a long walk in the neighborhood. Adam commented that the rhododendrons were having a really good year. I told him that it probably is just that we are walking about 10x more frequently than previous years. Sloane makes us get out of the condo on a regular basis. She has started to enjoy the carrier more and finds the straps very tasty.

So tired from walking and squawking

I’ve had many people wish me a happy first Mother’s day. Last year, I was in Boston for Ryan and Jess’s wedding (my cousin and cousin-in-law) and it was such a treat to spend the weekend with my mother and the rest of my family. It was also the weekend I told my parents, Jesse, Cam, and Lida that I was pregnant. It amazes me that the little being in my belly a year ago was Sloane. I just feel so lucky that she made me a mom.