6 months

We made it to the half year mark! Sloane’s doing amazing. She continues to grow both physically and developmentally. She is very skilled at grabbing, pulling, and sitting up, and as previously mentioned, she is a champion roller. Her teeth are useful for chomping on watermelon rinds, avocado, and apple, along with books, the coffee table, and Mom’s water bottle.

Weighing in at 20 lbs 13 oz. Measuring 27 1/4 inches long. What a champ!
Why play with toys when Mom’s water bottle is so delicious?
Two chompers!



This was a post I worked on last month but forgot to publish. The pics are too good not to share.

Our good friends, the Wades, moved away for the summer. Sloane and Maera were really cute together the last couple times we saw them. We miss the Wade family and can’t wait for the girls to play together this September.

IMG_1752 20150419_085548

B likes to hold Sloane in her lap and is being really helpful. Most recently while holding Sloane, B remarked, “hmmm, Sloane’s pretty big!” Last year, B would always ask me where Adam was when she saw me. Now she only wants to know where Sloane is!


Luckily, Sloane has other little friends. When Rally met Sloane, she walked over and asked if Sloane would like to play with her. Alder and Gage are less than a year older than Sloane, but my guess is she’ll be bossing them around as she already out weighs them.

They see me rollin’

Sloane is locomoting by rolling all over the place! She makes big circles sometimes and can cover quite some distance, mostly rolling to the left.

She loves to get herself right up to the coffee table and have a little nosh on the lower level.


Napping has been a bit challenging. She still prefers to sleep on you, which is actually really sweet and snuggly, but doesn’t let you get anything accomplished. She is a long bean now.


She is still just eating a little bit each day. So far, she’s tried sweet potato and avocado.


We think all the rolling has given her a strong core and now she is sitting on her own, though still a bit wobbly.

Grandma and Grandpa Bramble

Sloane is such lucky little girl, and has 4 grandparents who she adores. My parents were nicknamed by Sloane’s cousin Ellie as Nini and Papa two (or too, there is debate between my sister and I on the original intent). Sloane has fun seeing them, regardless of what you call them.

They both like the sounds that come from the Happy Apple
Playing outside is fun!

First food!!

Sloane now has two, yes two, teeth! We decided that since she has two chompers, that we can begin to give her food. Molly and I talked about it, and chose sweet potato. However, we also chose today to put her in a high chair for the first time at our house. She was really excited about being up at the table with mom and dad.

It took her a little to warm up to the idea of things tasting good, but by the end she was grabbing for more. We know that she doesn’t need the calories of food (she is not wasting away), so we are just introducing the tastes and textures of whole foods. Next up…. avocado!