Pickle face

A couple weeks ago we gave Sloane a dill pickle spear. She loved it! And we both smelled like pickles for the rest of the day. Rach told me that B really liked pickled beets when she started eating solids. I decided to give it a try. She makes silly, crazy faces, but continues to eat, so I am not torturing her.

Zipfel Cousins

These are some shots that needed to be shared, even though they are from the 4th.

Sloane was a little confused about the beach, at first, I thought this was a funny picture.
Sloane and cousin Zander
Sloane and Ellie, Molly and I love Sloane’s crooked smile!
Sloane and Max


Pa is a woodworker. He made Sloane a cradle out of maple and it is beautiful. It was exciting to have a handmade cradle for her because Pa had made one for Lida before she was born. Of course, Lida’s cradle was easier to delivery to Nashua! Sloane’s came to Vancouver in a custom made crate with approximately 400 screws and 40 extra pounds of wood, along with detailed instructions for the dismantling of the box.

Crate of cradle
Tightly secured

It was a snugly nest for her when she was a wee babe. Now she likes to roll around and tap dance on the sides. In the future, Sloane will be able to use it as a toy chest and maybe one day for her baby.

First night at home
Getting a little tight!

7 months

It feels strange to be closer to Sloane turning one year old than to her birth. Summer is going by way too fast! We are having fun and trying to stay cool.

Almost 22 lbs!
Fox onesie from her friend Maera
Trying to stay cool

She is the best, cutest little monkey!

4th and the beach

The Bramble clan got together this 4th of July and we went to the Oregon coast. Sloane got her feet in the Pacific for the first time! Sloane had fun with all the action 3 cousins brought. She tried new food, with her favorite being a perfectly cooked steak.

Though it looks like she is worried, she really liked getting her feet wet!
A chilly morning walk, though it was still bright for Molly and me

It was fun to have Sloane see the coast, and double fun as it was 25° cooler on the beach than at home! This made it just a little cool while we were by the water, but more pleasant than roasting in our condo. Sloane really enjoyed watching her cousins race around the house, and dig at the beach.

The cousins liked to entertain Sloane.
My cousins can be funny!
The digging at the beach was quite the endeavour, I think everyone helped at some point.
The twins did a lot of digging, and were basically the foremen of the job.

Because it was really sunny at the beach we also spent some good time at the house and played.

Aunt Darby is fun!
Sloane did great at family mealtime, and loved having everyone around.
Being at the beach was a great excuse to have some public nudity!

It was a really fun trip and I think Sloane had a great time too! We are excited for the next family trip. The next trip we take is to see Molly’s family in New Hampshire.

We nearly had everyone look at the camera at the same time.

Funny faces

Sloane has pretty good reactions to new food. What food could give her this reaction?

If you guessed lemons, you are wrong. It was strawberries!

Mid roll and mid giggle
So happy!
Just a little lick

Also, it looks like we never dress Sloane from these pics. I assure you we do and we have enough clothes for her but it has been unseasonably warm here. Naked baby makes for a happy family!