8 months (14 days ago)

Sloane is quite the big girl now. She isn’t crawling yet and that is fine with us. Even without crawling if we look away, she can be across the room in no time at all. Mostly, she is after cat toys and electrical cords. We have started the process of rearranging things once she discovers the dangerous areas. So far electric cords have been the biggest issue.

20150817_085722 20150817_085655

She loves to pull all her books off the coffee table and take the toys out her toy box. We passed the bouncy seat, swing, and activity mat on to a little friend. Taking them out of the house felt like a significant shift from infant to baby. Now she is also taking baths in the big tub and she thoroughly enjoys the freedom in the water. When people meet her, they often tell us they love her expressive face. I captured a good look in the bottom photo. She’s got some sass in her.

20150826_110625 20150822_142159 20150822_142310

New Hampshire summer visit

Oh my, how the summer flies by!

In early August, we went to NH to see my family for about 6 days. It was packed full of visits with family and friends. Sloane meet great aunts, great uncles, second cousins, family friends of 30+ years, and my “twin” Hannah! We were grateful for everyone who traveled and made time to see us. The weather was gorgeous, which was a great escape for us from the Portland heat wave. The food was delicious. My parents counted over 100 meals during the visit. The best was lobster, steamers, and mussels on Sunday night- our favorite summertime tradition!

G shares her water
She loves her auntie and cousin
This is my beer, right Pa?
Sweet lap time with great Aunt Donna
Did you just ask to eat my toes?
My girls!
We were able to sneak in a visit with Anna and her kids
Flight delays are more fun with Hannah around

Sloane was working on three new teeth during the visit and had her first bout of attachment to Adam and me. Being on East Coast time meant she was up for 2 hours in the middle of the night, every night! But during one of those nighttime parties, she started pushing herself into the seated position. Now she isn’t just a rolling turtle stuck laying down!

Ouellette family photo shoot

In the winter, my mom won a photo shoot from Lamar Smith in a silent auction. During our August visit, we took advantage of the lush, green summer in Wilton. We made a list and attempted to get all combinations of nieces, aunts, grandparents, granddaughters, and families. Lida had the wonderful suggestion of taking one of her and Pa in his Jeep- a 1940s Jeep Willy. We put Sloane in a couple of those also, but she won’t go on a Jeep ride for another year or two. Here is a sampling of the best ones.


Summer time

Even though we are having a sweltering summer, Sloane keeps on smiling and have fun.

She really looks like a big girl when she is swinging- smiling, giggling, and looking around! Well, not as grown up as B but she isn’t my little snuggly, glow worm anymore.

Looking at B
Kicking it with her friend Amelia

FullSizeRender 20150728_103941I let Sloane have a popsicle! It was homemade by Rach with just plums. I think she was happy even though she only gave a half smile.