Sloane has started to enjoy playing with big girl toys. She especially loves the farm and animals. There is a horse with a yarn mane that is apparently amazing to chew on. 20150911_171016 20150911_171027

She also likes to tap things together. Maybe bashing them together is a better description. You have to wait until the end to see the tapping but Sloane does some of her wonderful singing before that.




Sloane got a package in the mail from G last week. She had fun opening it which mostly meant pulling on the loose tabs of paper. I think by her birthday and Christmas she’ll have lots of fun with wrapping paper and ribbons. 20150915_124301 20150915_124321 20150916_090453

Thanks for the new clothes, G! The vest is ridiculously cute.

GI SloaneO

So this happened today…

It is the closest she has gotten to crawling. I hope that the subject matter of the magazine means she’ll be organized!

Sloane also started putting weight on her feet. Most babies do this around 4-6 months. Sloane thought it looked like too much work so she waited. About two weeks ago, she decided she should start practicing and now she is very proud of herself. She claps and smiles when we hold her up. She is very close to pulling herself up to standing, but for now she needs our help.


9 months

Wow! Sloane turned 9 months this week. She has been a trouper while cutting two new teeth. She is thinking ahead for Halloween and Jack’o’lanterns, as she grew the central and lateral incisor on the top left only.


We went to the pediatrician today. She said Sloane is currently the size of an average one year old. She weighs 23 lbs 13 oz and is 29.3 inches long. She grew 2 inches in 3 months!

20150918_171433 20150918_171255