This is my favorite time of year and Sloane has been enjoying all the season has to offer. She has been eating leaves and pine cones, which causes hacking fits. She got a cold and had a lovely runny nose. And her favorite activity is sitting in our laps and reading books as the evenings become darker and darker. She even turns the pages for us.

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10 months

On Saturday, Sloane turned 10 months old and I turned 42x that old. We had a relaxing day at home. Adam was at a continuing ed class all day. Sloane and I napped and hung out with friends. We went for a walk and Sloane got to swing a bit. I feel pretty luck to have shared my day with friends and my girl.

Helping open presents
She loved watching our friend, Cherry
Birthday smiles
Was that a bird?

It is very hard to get a photo of her laying still next to Christopher the bear. I took this video which captures her wiggles. Watch for the flamenco moves at the end.