Turkey day

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Sloane-o’s 1st! The night before, Adam had to work late. Sloane and I had a nice slow dinner and she was so gabby.

We celebrated Thanksgiving day with Adam’s parents- Nini and Papa-too, and Adam’s sister, Morgan. Sloane ate some turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. But her real love was the apples from the pie Adam made, which I agree was his best one to date.

Before turkey
Happy family ūüôā
After turkey!

The day after Thanksgiving we decided to attempt the Bramble family wine tasting tradition with an 11 month old. Sloane was amazing the whole day. We drove out to the gorge during her morning nap and went to three spots- Marchesi, Domaine Pouillon, and Syncline. Then Sloane napped on the way home. I was glad that everyone was willing to be flexible and do a shorter trip as it will probably be a while before Adam and I can do this together again.

This wine is making me sleepy dad! …. Just kidding, no wine for babies!

20151127_144613 20151126_163525

Fall catch up (G visit, Halloween, and 11 months old)

Things have been a bit hectic here at the Bramble homestead since mid October. Most blogging has been back burned for things like eating, changing diapers, and sneaking naps to catch up on zzzzzz. Here are some of the fun things that happened between all that….

G came for another visit Halloween weekend. We had an excellent time, though we were more housebound with Sloane’s nap schedule. This is a bit of a theme these days. She doesn’t follow an exact time schedule but she takes a morning and afternoon nap. She is less likely to fall asleep in the carrier or in the car, especially if there is a conversation going on around her. But being home means lots of books to read and fun times in the high chair.


Oh, and HALLOWEEN! Sloane was a lion and her mane was adorable. Our friends, the Wades, came up for tea and we got some cute pics of the girls in their costumes.

20151031_130647 IMG_3321

After Halloween, we went to a wedding in SF.

Sloane also turned 11 months old. She is getting to be very clever and a little mischievous. We went to the doctor on 11/12/15 and she weighs 25 lbs. Still growing and above the 98th percentile but starting to level off.


Lastly, Sloane’s cold was lingering for longer than we wanted. We took her to see the acupuncturist to help boost her body’s immune response. There are no needles involved, just tapping and pressure along pressure points and meridians. The acupuncturist was very sweet and Sloane had a great time.

20151118_112311 20151118_113628

San Francisco!!

Adam here-

At the beginning of the month we went to San Francisco for a good friend’s wedding. It was a fun adventure with Sloane! My parents came too, as we needed some help with Sloane, and Frisco is a great place to visit. The weekend began on Thursday night when we caught a 9:30 flight down to SFO. Sloane really enjoyed the evening (even though she should have been a sleep for hours).

I know it is the floor, but she is having such a good time, I couldn’t prevent it.

We stayed at a hotel near the airport that night since we didn’t arrive until after 11:00pm. It was a fun place to stay, Molly and Sloane had their own bed and cuddled the rest of the night away.

Dad, can I have some more sandwich?

In the morning Sloane got to have her first Breakfast sandwich! We got an egg white, spinach and avocado one for her and she ate it up with relish (though only one part at a time, we even let her have some of the bread!).

When do we get to do this again guys?

Then we headed into the city on the BART and transferred to a bus, which was fun for Sloane, but took a little too long for her.


We got ready and headed to Golden Gate park for the wedding. My parents went and got some dumplings for a pre-wedding snack and watched Sloane (Thanks Nini and Papa2).

I forgot to take a picture in SFO with the grandparents, but this is about what it looked like. Smiles on everyone!
This is very old, but such a good shot of how well Sloane gets along with my dad.

We had great night at the wedding! It was very fun to be able to be a part of it. To see pics of this look at #ryanloveswhitneytoo on social media.

The next morning cousin Dominic and Hannah (who both live down near San Fran) came over to visit. We went for a walk in the park and down to the ocean.

You look like my Pa from New Hampshire!
Hannah is fun!
I’m about 98.5% sure Sloane had a better time than her face seems to imply.

We had another night. We woke up and had some more dumplings, then it was time to head back home. Despite some standby problems and Sloane coming down with a cold the trip back was pretty good.

Little hands that are getting less little every day.
Tired girl from such a fun trip

Thanks to my parents for getting us to SFO, watching Sloane and for all the yummy dumplings. Thanks to Ryan and Whitney for getting hitched. Thanks to Dominic and Hannah for coming to see us!

Advanced peek-a-boo

Now that Sloane is crawling all over the place, she has moved onto advanced peek-a-boo. No more simple pulling a blanket over her face for this girl. She likes to crawl behind or between the furniture and then peak around the corner.

She also like to take the cats’ tube and lift it up to peek through it. The picture almost captures how ridiculously cute she is doing this.


Little friends

The Wades came back to Portland for October and we tried¬†to see them as much as possible. Maera turned one year old right before they left! She and Sloane ‘played’ well together. Mostly, they just grabbed toys back and forth from each other, but they were¬†starting to be more interested in each others actions. It was super fun to see them interact.20151004_160016 20151006_122221 20151011_182059 20151020_115856 20151025_170744 IMG_3152

We can’t wait to see them again in February!

Mail for Sloane

Sloane received a large letter from the NH family. It was full of beautiful fall leaves and nicely labeled ‘non-edible’ by Lida.¬†

We were glad to receive a pick me up after Sloane had a fever Sunday and Monday. She perked¬†up a little on Tuesday but by Wednesday night she was coughing a bunch. I call the first pic below “let me think about it” and the second one “oh yes, I sad”.¬†20151109_17062420151109_170631

We made a quick trip to the pediatrician on Thursday to make sure her lungs and ears were clear- which they were thankfully. She just has a little virus. We did get to weigh her at the doctors and she is 25 lbs 3 oz!

20151104_112923 20151104_113018

She is moving around so much and doing that¬†little bottom lift all the time. Tonight, I left her sitting on the floor in the living room for a second. When I came back, she was standing up holding onto the chair! First time she has pulled herself up to stand and we didn’t see it.