Aunt Morgan

Adam here-

My sister Morgan came to visit over Thanksgiving and Sloane got to play with her. It was fun to watch them play, as Sloane is now much more fun, and can interact better

Sloane – “Aunt Morgan and my dad seem to make that same face, though not at the same time”

Both Sloane and Morgan love to watch the cats, though Sloane is less excited about the idea of holding the cats (to the cats firm pleasure, as they don’t think she is up to it yet). I didn’t get a shot of this, but maybe at Christmas.

Morgan said that maybe sometime I can visit her cats!

Sloane also helped to pick out the Christmas tree for my parent’s house. She touched a bunch of trees and seemed to enjoy the one that we picked.

Good job cutting on the tree Papa two!

Yesterday was the 20th MLS cup, and the Portland Timbers were playing. They were the first soccer team from the PNW to make it. Sloane “watched” the last 30 minutes, and was a bit scared by the cheers from me and my dad when they won. But here is a shot of three generations of Brambles rooting for the Timbers.

2015-12-06 17.32.14
I don’t know why everyone is being so happy?!? I don’t understand how to keep score yet.