Christmas 2015 part 1

For this Christmas, we squeezed in celebration with both the Ouellettes and the Brambles. It was a crazy 2 weeks and well worth the hectic schedule.

We arrived the day of the Straw family Christmas party. We were a little cross eyed but that was an ongoing theme for the trip. As soon as we walked into Tim and Donna’s, Lida was there to great us. Sloane reached right for her and wanted Lida to hold her. Lida was very helpful- playing with Sloane and keeping her out of trouble. The party was wonderful- we got to chat and visit with everyone and meet the newest Straw- Lily Cook.

While my family had work and school for part of the week, we relaxed and visited some friends and family. Sloane met her great-grandmother, Pat. This was special for us as Pat is the only great-grandparent Sloane will meet. We also had visits with the aunties on Pine Top, Fritha, and Abbie and family.

On Christmas Eve, we went caroling with the Ladouceur family. Sloane was a little off key, but we didn’t tell her. Christmas morning was super fun. Sloane was mostly interested in other people’s presents. Once we got back home, she has been exploring and loves her new toys. Her favorites are blocks made by Pa, an echo microphone from the MacMasters, and her Stella baby from G.


It was 68 degrees on Christmas day. We unfortunately had to go to the airport in the afternoon. Flying on Christmas was actually very pleasant. Everyone was cheery and happy. Even Sloane- who slept the first 40 minutes and the last 5 minutes of the 6 hour flight!


One year old!

We made it! Not only to the one year old mark, but also through the craziness of  prepping for holidays, traveling, and spending time with both our extended families. But more posts about those fun times to come.


Sloane turned one year old on 12/17/15. She has grown from our 10 lb 12 oz 21 inch bundle to our 25 lb 30 inch little lady. And Adam and I have grown- parenting is both easier and harder than we expected. I am learning to let things go- like a messy kitchen. And Adam has learned how to be super caring for two ladies in his life.

“I’m sick of laying down for these”
Love that smile

Sloane is a bundle of laughs recently. This is especially helpful to warm our hearts after the horrible nights we have been having recently. Being awake for a few hours is no fun, but waking up to a big smile and sparkling eyes makes the long nights worth it.

We celebrated her birthday twice. On the Saturday before, we had the Lembos up for a homemade ramen dinner. It was delicious, but Sloane was partial to the chocolate pudding pie that Rach made for her. It was at this dinner I realized we had a little grunter on our hands. When Sloane wanted more food, she would point and grunt, becoming more and more aggressive if she had to wait. I decided to stop reinforcing this habit and focus on the sign and word more. Her first word after Mama and Dada is officially more. And it is ridiculously cute!



Her actual birthday was a nice relaxing day. We had Paula over for dinner of take out Indian. I wasn’t ready to cook a dinner after working that day and we were leaving the next day for New England. Everything was yummy and the best part was the carrot cake Adam made. We let Sloane have her own cupcake. The cream cheese frosting had some sour cream into and I think Sloane noticed.

We love our little Sloane-e-o!