Sloane melts our hearts all the time, so Valentines was a fun day to have her around. Her cousins Max and Zander were able to make special valentines for someone and they both wanted to make one for Sloane, which is so sweet.

Hey dad, what are these? They are nice!
They are from my cousins? I have the best family!

Sloane also received her first musical card, a Valentine from G. Given her reaction, we think it won’t be her last.



Sloane begins to walk

Adam here-

This video is about 2 weeks old, but I still need to post it. Sloane has begun to find her feet and she is using them! She seems to be waiting until she is over her “sea legs”. She is able to stand on her own now and can stand in the middle of a room. She mostly only walks with “walkers”, but it is very cute.

Winter in the Pacific NW

This winter has been interesting. One month ago we had a snow ‘storm’- about 3″ fell. Luckily, we have great hand-me-downs:¬†mittens from¬†Lida and snow pants from the Zips. Sloane was excited to have the mittens put on by her dad. The snow was less exciting given that she is not walking. But it was a beautiful day.

20160103_151942 20160103_154103 20160103_160534

Today was another beautiful day- in the mid 60s, sunny, and clear skies. I love the heat for 2 reasons- 1. Sloane is a hot baby and the warm weather makes her sweaty, making her hair more wavy and crazy. 2. Sloane gets to wear t-shirts so we get to see her cute roly poly arms again!

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Christmas 2015 part 2

Adam here – Part 2 of Christmas started on the 26th.

The Brambles and Zipfels at Christmas. Yes that is some snow falling. Who would have guessed more snow over Christmas in the PNW than New England?

The Zip cousins had asked Santa to come to Nini and Papa 2’s house on the 26th so they could share Christmas morning with Sloane. Santa agreed! All the kiddos got new matching pajamas and it was pretty adorable.

Sloane was happy to have matching PJs with her cousins.
Sloane just looks so cute! She was so full of smiles and laughs for everyone.

Maybe next year, we’ll have to get ones for the adults too. Sloane watched most of the present opening from her highchair because she couldn’t really wait for breakfast. She found it all very entertaining and helped a few people open presents.

Papa 2, you sure like the Timbers!
I’m usually not supposed to rip paper, this is fun!

The day went by with lots of playing, a fun walk and then it was time for a dinner!

Sloane loved it when all the kids ran!
Oh this is fun!
Sloane enjoyed the beef and especially the Yorkshire pudding!

We got to play games with everyone. Sloane enjoyed that there were a ton of people around to keep her entertained, never a dull moment with the full Bramble and Zipfel clans together in one house.

Everyone in the garage playing cornhole. Sloane wasn’t quite big enough to play.

It was fun for us, and Sloane enjoyed having a second week of family around. She got to the point that she could say the first part of Ellie’s name, it was just and “eh”, but it was really fun.

You are pretty cool cousin Ellie.

I think Sloane’s current favorite word sums up how the three of us feel about family time, we just want more. We look forward to more fun times with everyone.

A blueberry faced Sloane in mid “more”.