Cannon Beach

The first weekend in March, we went out to Cannon Beach with my parents. They were visiting to celebrate 40 years of marriage! Adam and I marked 2 years on March 1st, so we just have 20 x that to go!

Sloane was very happy to see G and Pa. She can even say Pa’s name now. Though half the time it comes out as baa, she is trying. They were able to see her walking and she walked on the beach for the first time. Though we had some showers that weekend, we also had some sunshine. One day when we walked on the beach, the wind was blowing the sand is crazy patterns. We chose to walk with the wind that day and returned on the streets.

20160304_155003 IMG_3329 IMG_333420160307_081549

Sloane is an eagle eye when it comes to bird and dog spotting. This means walking on the Oregon beaches is perfect. Haystack rock is a bird sanctuary and dogs are allowed on the beach. She enjoys waving to the birds and dogs and then asks for more when they go away.


We have a photo at homeĀ of Adam tossing our niece Ellie in the air in front of Haystack rock when she was about 3 years old. We attempted to recreate it with Sloane. Adam got her pretty high and I barely got her released out of my hands! But Sloane enjoyed the ride and we got some arm work out in during vacation.IMG_3301IMG_3309

It was a great visit with G and Pa. We can’t wait for them to come back soon.



We have many posts in the works- a visit from G and Pa, along with turning 15 months old. But I couldn’t wait to post this video.

Sloane is kinda like a real toddler now. She amazes us with how much she learns and understands. Her play is changing also. Last night, she was playing with this glass jar and her B Baby (great Christmas present from Lida :). I was wondering what she was doing because she looked like she might be trying to suffocate the baby. But after a few seconds, I realized she was trying to give the baby a drink out of the jar. This is a long video, but I thought those of you far away would appreciate a glimpse at Sloane playing and making fun expressions. At the end you see the suffocation move, but we’ll cut her some slack for not being 100% coordinated yet.



Walking for real!

Adam here-

Sloane decided to actually put together some steps this weekend. It is fun to watch her decide when to walk. We are excited and proud, though I don’t think the cats will be too excited about her increase of mobility.