Sloane got a couple Easter packages this year. Jesse crocheted her an Easter basket with 6 eggs and a bunny. Sloane loves carrying bags and the basket has been a big hit. G and Pa sent a couple cute summer outfits and a book. She’s already been able to wear the new dress on one of our heat wave days. G wrote on the last page of the book- ‘We love you, G and Pa.’ We’ve read it a bunch and now when I ask her to say G, she says Pa.

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We went to the Lembos’ for an Easter egg hunt and brunch this year. It was fun to be with friends and have the kiddos play. Sloane did not really understand the egg hunt thing, but that meant we didn’t have to bring any chocolate home! Sloane wore a jumper that Jesse and I both wore when we were little. Unless Sloane’s tummy gets a little smaller, she won’t be wearing it again.


15 months

She is a growing girl, per usual.


We had a 15 month pediatrician appointment on 3/18, one day after she turned 15 months. She is 28 lbs 7 oz and 32 inches long! Before the appointment, we counted how many words she had in case they asked us. We counted 25 words that she says. I’m going to list them at the end for documentation because this is pretty much Sloane’s baby book in blog form.20160313_17072420160313_17220220160312_133627

Though she excels in verbal skills for her age, she is on the slow side for gross motor skills. She started walking at the beginning of March. With this has come more adventurous movements. We have a box waiting to go to recycling that has become a favorite play spot. She backs her bum up into it so she can sit. A few nights ago, she sat naked in the box reading a book for a while. She is pretty silly!

20160319_185046 20160318_183153


Dada, Mama, more, hi, bye, moo, baa, neigh, whoo, meow, bow-wow, Pa, Nini, Papa, Mur (for Murdoc), Mia, bath, book, bird, milk, vroom, water, bottle, moon, knit, and cheese