Lida and G visit!

We were so lucky that Lida and G visited this weekend. We packed lots into the three days we had together- swimming, the zoo, BBQ with the Lembos, and dim sum. Most importantly, we were able to celebrate Lida’s 10th birthday a few days early. She chose to have sushi for dinner. Lida was so helpful in the kitchen! She even baked the cake. What I will remember most about this weekend is that Lida loved that Sloane narrates her falls by saying “boom”, that Lida tried aerial and was very adventurous the whole weekend, and that G read psychics as physics and made me laugh so hard!

G made this shirt for Lida
Zoo time
Cousin love!
Walking is better with two hands to hold
Naked Magnadoodle time!
Love you, G and Lida