18 months

We officially have a 1 1/2 year old one our hands! Sloane is still rocking out at the top of the growth and weight curve. She is 29 lbs 9 oz and 33 inches tall.

On 6/17/16
Um, what’s the deal with this little bear?

In the past week, her vocabulary has sky rocketed. She is parroting everything we  say. Our new favorites are zoom, home, draw. and Sloane, which she says ‘yoane’. Often she asks for 2 of something, such as when we say she can go down the slide one more time and she wants 2 more times. Sloane is spending more time playing on her own and also with the bigger kids. I enjoy watching her explore and interact on her own. It is nice for us both to have a little freedom and independence, though when she runs over to hug my legs my heart still melts.

Adam calls this Sloane’s glamour shot
Bike seat for Sloane
Playing at the library

20160609_174203 20160613_165428


Sloane is getting very tall! I was in the kitchen the other day and from the other side of the counter, I could see her fingers pawing trying to grab anything. She can climb into one of our chairs with a bit of effort. When she can’t do it the first time, she gets quite frustrated. I wonder where she gets that perfectionism from….

And this is her favorite way to get onto the couch


Nini and Papa 2

Adam here-

Sloane really enjoys any time she gets to spend with Family. It is great! My parents (Nini and Papa 2) have fun with her too!  She likes to sing songs with them, and I happened to catch this one on my phone and it was very sweet.

She goes for walks with them and really enjoys her time with them.


Nini got Sloane a new swimsuit with a sun top, but when she thought the bottoms made a really good hat.


Sloane is getting much better at saying names and two names she is really good at saying are: Nini and Papa (she needs to work on saying the “2” portion)

Nini! you are funny!
Papa is a character!

Mother’s day 2016

As many of you know, we had quite the Mother’s day this year. I got to sleep in on Mother’s day and I woke up to three missed calls, a voicemail, and three texts from Adam. He and Sloane had driven to pick some things up for the day and they were in a car accident on the way home about half mile from our house. Someone ran a red light. Adam couldn’t stop in time, hitting that car and was pushed into a pick-up next to him. Sloane and Adam are both ok. Sloane cried a bit until Adam could get her out of her car seat. I got to them about 30 minutes after the accident and she mostly wanted some milk. The firemen had given her a little stuffed fawn and she was enamored with it. Adam is sore in his neck, jaw, back, and right foot. Sloane’s neck and lower back felt tight to us. The past few weeks have been filled with appointments; acupuncture and chiropractic for both of them. They are both on the mend. I think one of the hardest things was that Adam just rebuild the engine in his car last summer. All that time and effort turned into a blob of metal.

Bye Lumina! You were a good beast of a car.

We are very grateful to Nini and Papa. They helped when we were dazed that morning. We had a fun Mother’s day dinner with them. Sloane got the best present on Mother’s day- a play house! It has a working doorbell, little seats, and a sink.

A house for kiddos and small adults

And we are thankful to Nini and papa for lending us one of their cars as we navigate the insurance claim and shop for a new car. Shopping for a new car with a 1 1/2 year old is easy, right?

I am lucky to have a healthy, happy daughter and husband. Sloane has started giving leg hugs and it melts my heart to have her wrap her arms around me when I am standing making her food in the kitchen. Also, for some reason I am hilarious to her! I didn’t think I would be the funny parent, but I totally am! And everyone knows Adam and probably wants a clone of him to have around the house. He is helpful, caring, and supportive as always. He is the best partner for me and we’ve been building quite a family, life, and business together. 20160527_134950