On her own

In the past month, she has started doing more playing and reading on her own. When we try to help or do something for her, she will often say “no, yoane”, meaning no, Sloane do it. We need to work on her S sounds. She kinda tries to dress herself, but frequently puts her pants on her head first. Sloane likes to draw, which she says “sdraw”. We just need to watch where the markers end up. Also, she sucked on a crayon the other day when I was looking. She ended up with a green mouth and some how a green streak on her bum.

Making dots on dad’s lap
Playdoh! She only ate a little.
Feeding baby Stella
And a little bottle for Sloane
Now she points to her tray and always wants her plate on it.
Activity time at the library. Shaving cream!
Washing her own hands!
She loves puzzles right now.
Looking at a favorite book

4th of July

Adam here-

The 4th of July was the Bramble beach bonanza! My parent’s rented the same house as last year and it was full of Brambles (and Zipfels). Sloane had a lot more fun at the beach than last year, as she can walk and run (well, she can walk pretty fast)

Back row : Jason, Morgan, Zach, Darby, Bill, Paula, Sloane, Adam, Molly. Front row : Zander, Ellie, Max

We got some good beach time in, despite the cooler temps. Sloane wanted to run out and become a mermaid, and the cold Pacific ocean didn’t bother her at all.

Hey mom, look what you can do with sand! This was right before she happily plunged her face into the sand.
We made her hold a hand when she went into the water. The water was cold!
The waves just made her giggle and she wanted more of them.

We had to warm up in the hot tub after trips to the beach!

She was a goose in the hot tub.
Mom, my hair is wet!
Oh, I cant wait to get back in the ocean!

My family likes to dig at the beach and this year’s project became known as the grand canyon as it was very long a down to the water table.

Sloane had a lot of fun walking down the grand canyon of Lincoln City

We had lots of good food, and got to hang out. We had a deer that came by every morning, and Sloane was the first one to say that the deer “ran ran” away. Sloane even got to watch her first movie: The Good Dinosaur (this movie is about a young dinosaur and a caveboy- who Sloane referred to as the “baby”. She was very concerned about this baby for the duration of the movie).

Dad, I like watching movies with my cousins!

There were fireworks and pop-its, though pictures of those are not too fun to look at so we left them out. Each kid made a crafty mask and there were bubbles to be blown. Also, anyone who has hung out with Sloane knows she eventually needs to read a book, so there were books to read.

each kid did a good job for their level, I think.
Aunt Morgan spent a lot of time with Sloane and the bubbles.
This is one way to see how long Sloane’s hair is (it is also a decent workout, as she isn’t the lightest 18 month old)
A very odd thing for all the grand kids to be still at once (it only lasted for about 2 pages)

Sloane even got in a little time with Nini. She got to spend a little one-on-one time with most people. And, she eventually warmed up enough to Jason to boop his nose.

Nini, you are funny!
this is Sloane saying no to booping Jason’s nose
Morgan, are you sure that Jason’s beard is real? It is pretty big!
Hi uncle Zach!

It was sad to have the weekend some to an end. But, we will all get to hangout again at Thanskgiving.

Sloane’s sad face