Camp Echo Rock

My mom’s side of the family has a camp on a pond in Vermont that I’ve been going to my whole life. I hadn’t been in 3 years and Adam in 4; which doing the math means Sloane has never been. I was very excited to go see my family and spend time at camp this summer. Side note- Jesse and I decided to call it Camp Echo Rock when we were kids after seeing a camp episode of Sesame Street. I am pretty sure no other Straws call it that!

Sloane loved camp life, even though she couldn’t stay awake late enough for camp fires. She marched right into the water when we got there. She really has no fear of the water. Mostly we hung out, which in Sloane terms is drawing, playing with babies, and pretending with felt food.┬áThe cutest new words and phrase that came out of the trip are ‘oh boy’ and ‘Yia-ya’ for Lida.

Playing in Neal Pond
This is how you kayak, mom



Hold on ‘Yia-ya’ I’ve got something in my shoe
Sloane loves her G
Hug fest
Sloane sandwich
A photo where both Sloane and Pa are smiling at the same time!
Baby carrier from G and Pa
She was beaming up on Adam’s shoulders
download_20160810_101634 (1)
Silly goose
Sloane’s first art lesson from Aunt Jesse
Playing cards is a must at camp
So fun and so hard to open our eyes into the sun
Um, looks like I wasn’t aiming quite right.
It is always sad to say good bye to camp
Motor boat ride
Not sure why Pa has a funny light on him…..


We spent the first and last night in Wilton at G and Pa’s house. This included the requisite lobster dinner, blueberry picking, and Sloane pooping in the garden.

Tea party
Back at G and Pa’s


August 2016

This is just a little post to tide over the viewers. A longer NH visit post is in the works, but August has been “crazy go nuts” as Adam would say. I think this video sums up what we feel like.


Crazy girl

She is a mover and a shaker now. I haven’t capture it on video yet, but when she runs, she starts by lifting her shoulders to her ears and putting her arms behind her. Then she is off! I did manage to get her stomping and trying to jump in the chair. Her bouncing curls are the best, but her monkey sounds aren’t too shabby either.