Fritha and Robin, two of my housemates from Seattle, were visiting Portland last week. When their arranged housing fell through, we were luckily enough to have them stay with us over at Adam’s parents (who are traveling for the month). Sloane gravitated to both Fritha and Robin quickly. The first morning she saw them Sloane did some dancing, twirling, and general silly moves to show off. She loved sitting in their laps and listening to them read stories. It was a special few days for all of us. We lived together for 2 years in Seattle with Jules (who we missed!) and that was 12 years ago. Spending the evenings catching up on our days was just like old times. They are both so thoughtful and insightful. It was a sweet reminder of how they helped shape me from “out of college” Molly into “becoming a chiropractor” Molly. Now they were able to see Molly the mom and enjoy the deliciousness that is Sloane Ray.

After dinner she wanted to sit in Fritha’s lap first
Followed quickly by Robin’s lap
Bedtime stories
She wanted one page from Fritha’s book and then one page from Robin’s book

Sugar baby, jumping, and bows

Sloane has a new song she loves from story time at the library. It goes ‘roll, roll sugar baby; roll, roll sugar baby; push; and pull; and clap, clap, clap’ She has got the roll roll sugar baby part down! The other day she was in bed in the morning and we going to roll over so she was between Adam and I- to which she said, roll roll sugar baby!

She also ‘jumps’ which means she steps off the tool box that has been in our living room for a while.

Also, the past three days she wants to wear a bow in her hair. She touches it through out the day to make sure it is there- saying bow. I told her Aunt Jesse made it for her, but she insists it was G. Her hair has been wild for a while and I like that the bow makes it look like I made some effort.