Edgefield 2016

In the middle of October, we went to Edgefield for a night as a family. Not only was Sloane super good, but we all had so much fun. Adam and Sloane headed over after her nap while I was at the office. Once I got there, we headed to the soaking pool. This is one of the best reasons to spend the night out there. The pool is beautiful, warm, and tucked into lots of plants. And luckily there is a bar serving drinks in plastic cups! Sloane had fun climbing out and jumping in. Her favorite was walking around the bench seat in the pool. She made quite a few laps.

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We ate dinner at the Power Station. Adam and I were married on the third floor of this building in the Attic. This visit was world’s different- week day in the fall with a 22 month old! There was a wait for a table. Sloane ran around with a couple other kids outside while we waited. That made dinner a little on the late side, but Sloane was a trooper. The next morning, we were able to sneak in another soak after breakfast. She was so exhausted from all the fun that she fell asleep before lunch.


Sloane and mom

We mostly hear about how Sloane looks like Adam. And there is no denying she has strong Bramble features. My opinion is that Sloane’s expressions look like me. Here are two classic examples- the wide eye side glance and the pitiful ‘where is my food face.’

20160929_173651 20161004_113652


Pumpkin patch

On Adam’s birthday, we managed to beat the rain and hit up the pumpkin patch. It is a local farm where we buy our honey and we finally realized they do a pumpkin patch. It was a big hit with Sloane and for that matter Adam and me! Sloane got to see animals, do a hay bale maze, and a tractor ride to pick out pumpkins.

img_3707 img_3755 img_3765 20161008_132207


Sloane has awesome hair. This summer the ends lightened with the sun. Now the curls are multi toned and beautiful. We went for a walk last month and a woman we passed squealed back to us ‘her curls are bouncing!’ They are ridiculously cute. A few months ago I referred to Sloane’s hair as an old lady perm. Now it has grown longer into ringlets that are reminiscent of Shirley Temple. I hope they stick around and she loves them as much as we do.

That spiral!
Long hair in the bath, plus a nice balance move
Crown made by Aunt Jesse
Well, sometimes it is crazy hair