23 month

I think this is the end of describing Sloane’s age in terms of months. There have been many birthdays in the past 3 months and she is understanding the concept of birthday. She asks me constantly when people’s birthdays are, such as Daddy-O birthday? Lida birthday? Bennett birthday? Today, she asked me the birthdays of all the babies in her picture book. I think her 2nd birthday will be really fun!

Top knot!


Sitting in the big chair

Today we went and got her flu shot. And she didn’t even cry. Like a champ, she just stared at me and then asked to see the band-aid. She got a little worked up when I had to pull on her pants and the band-aid was covered.

Sloane also asks for Adam and me to make up stories for her. She will dictate the characters and settings. Frequently it is about a bear and a rabbit, sometimes a bear and a bare naked rabbit. She will then interrupt the story to insert something she wants to hear, which 99% of the time is someone bumping their toes. Then she laughs and requests that the story include them getting a hug. She is definitely into slap-stick comedy.

Smoothie face


I was putting pressure on myself to have the perfect Halloween costume for Sloane. My thinking was that next year Sloane will decide what she wants to be and this year was my last chance to have control. But I took too long- I couldn’t find the pieces for an ewok or Shirely Temple. Then Sloane and I were at the store and I found a tutu on super sale. It had a peacock on the front, so we headed to the boa section to finish the look. Once I saw Sloane’s reaction, I knew this was her costume.


Then her reaction after I made her headpiece was also amazing.


The end result was half peacock half flapper! She was a rockstar. We went over to the Wades house so Maera and Sloane could trick or treat together. They had so much fun and tried to go into the first house. Sloane did not actually say trick or treat, but she did say thank you! We haven’t clued her into what candy is, so she thought it was crinkly toy. I did guide her toward selecting candy I liked!

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