2 years old!

Sloane turned two years old! She was so excited and had the biggest grin when we sing her happy birthday (which we did many times). She is very good an opening presents though a little poky at it.

I would say her hair is bed head, but this is a regular look
Trampoline from Nini and Papa2
Maera helping with presents.
She picked out her outfit and refused to wear a shirt under the jumper. Luckily she is a warm one.
Swinging on Sunday. Snow still on ground from Wednesday. Stella baby has her new pajamas on from G and Pa.

We had planned a party on her birthday, but the forecast was all over the map. We had snow on Wednesday and it was a nightmare! So to prevent people from driving in potential sleet, we decided to reschedule for January. Luckily I hadn’t told Sloane it was her party that day, so she wasn’t sad. We went over to Nini and Papa2’s house and the Wades braved the flurries to come celebrate. We had a nice quite morning. In the afternoon, we video chatted with G and Pa, and Jesse and Lida so they could watch Sloane open presents. Sloane had a blast all day.

I think it is incredible to think about how much she has grown and done in the past year. Walking, talking, singing, saying I love you, pretending, drawing, playing with play dough, reciting books. Here are some of my favorite things Sloane does:

Playing with her dolls. She loves her babies and is very attached to them. So far we have Big Girl, B Baby, and Stella baby. She gives them bottles and occasionally breastfeeds them. She feeds them pizza pie. She rocks them in her chair and sings them lullabies. And she baths them, but mostly Stella baby because all her clothes can come off.

Putting everyone down for a nap

Dancing. Most recently this is to Away in a manger playing from the Fisher Price nativity from Darby and family. She has some good moves. She has gone from just foot moves to adding in some arm and head moves as well.

Her memory. She loves to remember things that happen and have us tell her it again in story form. We talk about the names of our family and friends and fun things we have done together. Then she will pull a memory and make a connection out of no where. The other day I had her in a booster for the first time at our house. She says Alder has booster. He is a friend’s son and we saw him 2 weeks ago at a restaurant where he had a booster seat.

Her personality. Sloane is very easy going, though she does get her mind set on things. She is out going and does well in new situations. We’ll be testing this in January when she starts day care 1.5 days a week! But she doesn’t need to be in our laps for the first bit of a new place or event. She will explore and engage pretty quickly.

Writing a note, sitting on a suitcase, wearing an outfit she picked out!

So chatty

Sloane is very talkative. Her sentences are almost full sentences now, but not quite. She is starting to articulate things such as saying baby and mama and then correcting it to baby and her mama. The funniest things to hear her pronounce are probiotics, brussel sprouts, and hippopotamus. ¬†Sloane says doog, instead of good. She also likes to joke and be funny. If I tell her I am going to take a shower, she’ll respond with stinky mama. She is quite humorous and I am regularly belly laughing with her.

Here is a little glimpse into our daily entertainment.





Adam here-

This year the whole Bramble crew was together. The Zipfel clan came out to Vancouver for a week. Aunt Morgan only made it for about 16 hours, but we had a blast while she was in town. The Thanksgiving meal was a group effort and Sloane enjoyed running through the kitchen while everyone was helping out. If you ask her what the turkey did before going into the oven she will say “take bath!” because she watched my mom rinse off the brine. Sloane tried her best to help too, and her little voice rang out with “Sloane do!” many times.


As my nephews say’ “OMG!” everyone looking at the camera and most of them are smiling, it was a thanksgiving miracle. This was right before we ate.

Sloane has made such big strides in her language and processing that it was really fun to watch her interact with everyone.

She enjoyed reading books with her cousins, taking walks, and all the long weekend with family. I think everyone enjoyed the good food.


It wasn’t all happy times, but Sloane made it through pretty well.
What a cute family, if I do say so myself.
While on a walk. Sloane walked over a mile on this walk!
Two books for 4 kids… pretty good odds
Aunt Darby got the cousins all matching storm trooper PJs. Sloane thought this was fun… Even better was the group booty shake that happened after this shot.

Every time we hang out with family we are excited for the next time.