Christmas 2016

This was Sloane’s third Christmas, but the first one she seemed to understand. She was into Christmas songs, the tree, and the lights. Oh and the presents were captivating! And she screamed “more presents!” multiple times on Christmas morning. She was as excited about delivering them as she was at opening her own.

We flew out to New Hampshire for Christmas. The entire Straw family (except Uncle Mike who was home in WY) graciously agreed to have the family Christmas party on Friday December 23rd so we could attend. And we had a blast! Sloane got to play with baby Wyatt, Lily, Jack, Lida, and Madeleine.  But how can you go wrong with good company, good food, and good conversations.

Lily, Sloane, and Lida- a few of the Straw ladies

The Ouellette family tradition is chowder for Christmas eve dinner and going to candle light service at my parents’ church. A good reading of Twas the night before Christmas on Pa’s lap when we get home and get the little ones to bed! Sloane added a twist by being awake from 3:30 to 6:30 am which WILL NOT become a tradition. We got a little sleep before waking up for stockings and presents. Sloane was excited to get some dress up clothes, a tunnel, barrettes, and play food made by Jesse. She also got a couple fun hats and puppets from Lida. One of the biggest hits with Sloane was a fleece mermaid tail that she wants to sleep in every night! Luckily it is freezing here in Vancouver, so it is working out well.

The traditional Christmas bare buns
Sloane was quite taken by G’s pink flamingo

Sloane loved to play with the pretend cash register with Lida. The two were quite inseparable. Lida spent most nights at my parents with us. The couple of mornings she wasn’t there, Sloane came down and said “Lida? Lida?” before saying hi to anyone else. She had many cuddles with G and pretended to make crazy soup concoctions with Pa. Aunt Jesse and Uncle Cam were very entertaining with silly games and guitar music.

Good thing Sloane has big checks for all these kisses

We were able to squeeze in a couple visits with friends. Sloane really loved Paloma, Erin and Ian’s older daughter. Sloane is still talking about her and her sister Sabine who is ‘a cute little baby’ according to Sloane (and it is true!). When we had a visit with Willa, Abby and Keith, Sloane mandated that I give Willa hugs, “no THIS mama hug Willa!” (while pointing at me).

Sloane even got to see her only living great-grandparent, Grandma Pat. We had a lunch with her and Sloane declared the cranberry-orange water to be “Yummy, So doog!”

The day we left it started snowing in NH and it was beautiful. We took a shuttle to the airport so my parents would not have to drive back in the snow. When we got closer to Boston, the snow stopped and our flight home was smooth sailing.

A quick lunch with G and Pa before heading to the airport

Watching the planes


Waiting for her bubble water from the flight attendant, she was really pretty good on the flights.


Snow storm 2017

Again, Christmas post is coming but there are some photos we have share.

On Tuesday 1/10, the forecast was for 1-3 inches of snow starting around 7 pm and going until early afternoon the next day. I knew the news had underestimated when we had 8 inches by 10 pm! We ended up with about 12 inches total. This is very very unusual for this area. It was a beautiful winter wonderland! We’ve had two snow days and haven’t been to work. Sloane has enjoyed playing outside and has taken long naps both days. The snow will probably stick around for a few more days as the temperatures are very low.

Snow starting to accumulate on Tuesday night
She is standing!
Yummy snow
Attempting a snow angel but the snow was falling on her face
Glorious snow
Sloane’s first snowman, who was kinda tubular
Sloane was pretty worn out at this point
Thursday morning- snow still on branches



There are many posts in the works, to catch up on the happenings of Sloane. There will be cute pictures and good quotes to come. But today was her first day of daycare!

We have been very fortunate that Sloane has only been with us, Nini and Papa 2, or friends. She is ready for playing with children her age and listening to other adults. We signed her up for 1 1/2 days at a local college (and it is were Aunt Morgan went as a little one). Her class room is in a new building with big windows. There are students who do student teaching in the classrooms and make the ratio great. And we are hoping it leads to potty training…..

This morning Sloane was very excited to go to ‘school’ and wanted to leave right away. Adam brought her and she rushed right in a found a baby. The report from her teacher was that she was very happy until nap time. She got a little sad but calmed down with a guggie and a back rub. I went to pick her up and got to spend a little time in the room. She was right at home! Finding the play dough, washing her hands in the little sink, and playing with the dress up hats.

Sad because we were too slow getting out the door, she wanted to go “right now!”
Good bye from Mommy-O
Sloane has a baby radar- will find dolls anywhere

But the best thing was how she says the other kids names. She calls Mable, Maple. All afternoon it was Maple this, Maple that. She would then say ‘forget other kiddos names’ though after a while she did remember some.