For Christmas this year, Nini and Papa 2 gave us a family membership to OMSI. Sloane is quite excited about it.

She went with Adam in January and they both had a blast, though maybe Adam more than Sloane!

Sloane and I were able to go last week. She loved playing in the water and managed to get wet down to her socks. After changing out of her wet clothes and having a snack, we went to the big kid play area. She found a 1st grader that she attached to playing with the air tunnels. The big girl moved on and Sloane kept asking ‘where my friend?” On the way out, we ran into her again! Sloane got to give her a big hug, along with the little girl’s friend. Then Sloane asked about her ‘friend’ from OMSI for the next 5 days. For the record, her name was Sophia.

Thank you, Nini and Papa 2!