Sloane has been taking a tumbling class at a community center in Portland for the past month. Adam is able to join as because it is very close to our office, so he gets to see the excitement. The class is perfect for toddlers- a little circle time with songs, free range time with the gymnastics equipment, and then a little circle time at the end. We start with a song ‘Who came to gym today?’ which Sloane loved to sing at home and would turn super shy at class and not sing it or respond with her name. The instructor or ‘coach’ as he wanted to be called, was patient and encouraging. Sloane has become more courageous and strong during the time, plus it has been a perfect way to get energy out for 45 minutes during this rainy season. We’ve signed up for the next session!

Blurry but too good not to post



Sloane is a¬†bibliophile! In the past week, she been asking more frequently to read books. The cutest is when she finds a book and reads it to herself. She will get the first one or two pages right, and does well with the general story from the images on the rest of the pages. There is one book she can get most of the way through. Our favorite is she reads “I want lunch said the eagle chick” as “I am hungry said the eagle chick” I think she takes after me with getting the words almost right!

We went to the library this week. Our local library has an amazing children’s floor with a large play area. Most of the time, she runs around and also finds the baby dolls they have there. This time she just want to read books! She would run to the stacks and pick out a few books. We sit and read them, and she would pick out the ones she wanted to bring home. I couldn’t get a good pic of the reading at the library because she kept telling me- no more take picture Sloane-y. Oh, and I let her play a computer game!