April visits and Easter

We were so grateful for visitors this April. G and Pa came for a visit in early April. They got to come to a tumbling class and spend Easter with us. When they arrived from the airport, Sloane was getting ready for bed and asked if G would sleep with her. From there on, they were great buddies. G taught her to wave her arms crazy when I drive over bumps in the road- hilarious! G also taught her left and right. Sloane still remembers this, calling her arms and legs righty and lefty and gets it correct most of the time. Pa got some good hugs and could even understand her toddler talk by the end! Easter was a fun day- first we went to dim sum for breakfast then to the Lembo’s for egg hunting. Sloane understood the egg hunt this year! It is fun to do the hunt in the Lembo’s yard and it is great to leave all the candy at their house as well.

Walking at the Mount St. Helen’s visitor center
Photo credit- Aunt Rach
Bennett, Sloane, and Maera creating some Easter art
G helping Sloane search for eggs

G and Pa went to the coast for 4 nights during which the three of us all got sick. They came back for one night and luckily they did not catch it. Sloane was so tired she laid herself down on the porch while she was outside with Pa and I. We got ourselves all in order for Jesse and Lida to arrive 4 days later!

Aunt Jesse and Lida (who Sloane says is not just her cousin but her friend too) came for 4 nights during their April vacation. We had such a fun visit! They watched Sloane while I went to work one day. Sloane refused to let Jesse put her down for a nap and she only wanted Lida! Lida was such a big help with Sloane and there was endless giggles and laughter. Apparently they had fun baking bread and making a big mess. We got to go to the playground, library, and tumbling together. Sloane was so happy to find them in our living room every morning. She asked if they can come back to visit again soon.

Sloane really wanted to help Jesse down