2 1/2

I had a few goals for this summer- sleep training to get Sloane to sleeping through the night, stop using the guggie (aka pacifier), and potty training. We are 1.5 to 1.75 down of the list of three.

Goofy smile

On her half birthday, Sloane saw her friend, Maera use the bathroom and having no diaper on. I asked Sloane if she wanted her diaper off and to use the potty, and she said yes for the first time in about 8 weeks. That was last Saturday and in the past week we have used about 4 diapers other than naps and bedtime. She has gone to the store, the library, the farmer’s market, and school in her undies! This is the .5 to .75 of the count.

A good look- helmet and undies!
No need for clothing at the table

A few weeks ago I insisted we start some sleep training. Sloane was very accustomed to falling asleep having her back rubbed and would wake throughout the night crying and wanting her back rubbed. I was exhausted and I wasn’t even doing half the wake ups. We started by having less touching and sitting by the crib. We moved to sitting further from the crib. The idea was to get her falling asleep on her own at first and that would make it easier to get back to sleep by herself in the middle of the night And now we have had a full week of sleeping through the night! Things will get thrown in the air with our annual trip to the coast this 4th of July, but we have paved the way for success. I give us a full 1 for this one.

Ready for the day!
Pretending the couch is a car and she was driving her babies to the airport to see G and Pa!

We also turned her car seat forward. I spent a good month talking this up- telling her we would turn her around after getting back from G and Pa’s house, she would see out the window better, and she would not get to have her guggie any more in the car. We did the switch about 3 weeks ago and she has asked a couple times for her guggies, but no crying or pitching a fit for it. I am going to give myself another .25 for that one-raising the total to 2 out of 3. Now we just need to work on nighttime and naps sans guggie.

So much easier to hear her facing front

Memorial day weekend in NH

We took our summer trip back east early this year. Sloane was quite excited about the airplane ride and we discovered a great motivator- M&Ms. She knew she had a special treat if she ate a good dinner on the plane. The rest of the trip she would get a coy look after meals and say ‘can I have a special treat?’

Saturday we relaxed in Wilton and all took some much needed naps. Sunday was G’s birthday and Jesse’s first 5K race. We headed out to Portsmouth to cheer her on and she did a great job! We had lunch with Diane after at a nice restaurant on the harbor. Though it was cold and we all had on sweaters, Sloane was her usual hot box self and spent the day in a tank top.

Memorial day was a family cookout- meaning 30+ people at my parents’ house. When the big rush arrived, Sloane announced she was tired and ready for a nap. This is maybe the 3rd time she has ever requested a nap, but it was a pretty good approach to feeling overwhelmed. When she woke up, she entertained us out on the porch. She loves an audience! She would race to one end of the porch and shout- ‘I’m all the way over here’ before racing back. She also showed off her elbow dance and old lady shuffle.

Sloane really loved going for rides in the wheelbarrow Pa made, which is the biggest load it has ever carried. We also got a few breaks in the bad weather and were able to play a corn hole championship. Sloane kept trading out bean bags but we managed to keep score. Adam and I came out champs, mostly because Adam got all four in the hole on one turn!