Bramble Beach Trip 2017

Adam here-

The past 3 years we have gone to Lincoln City on the Oregon coast, and this year my parents rented us a place right on the water, thanks Nini and Papa 2! There were plenty of places for everyone to sleep and a nice deck to look out at the water.

I had been a little apprehensive as this was the first multi-hour trip we had taken with Sloane facing forward. The drive went pretty smooth as Sloane took a nap (and even had a little drool going), I guess I shouldn’t have been worried.

check out that crossed leg style… so tired

The three of us got a room with an amazing view, and Sloane enjoyed looking down at the beach from the windows, but mostly in the mornings she was eager to go and find her cousins. Then it was time to get down to the beach. Sloane is great at playing with her cousins! Despite the age gap, the cousins had a good time playing with her. All of Sloane’s cousins are wonderful to her… Molly and I are blessed with wonderful families.

Ellie agreed to pretend to be Sloane’s baby, Max was her puppy and Zander was her kitty. It was pretty fun to have the four of them laughing through the house and on the beach. Sloane got a kick out of digging and rolling in the sand, and didn’t eat as much sand as she did last year.

Sloane is not above some cheesy shots
Just a great shot of Sloane being silly, stick in one hand and shovel in the other
Sand is fun! Later some ended up in her face
I’m ready to get down to the sand guys!
She was good at holding onto a bucket when needed

Sloane was a very happy presence at the beach and everyone got to have a turn with her in their lap or next to her digging. Nini got her down and into the water on the first morning, and Sloane loved it! I didn’t get a shot of it but when the wind would pick up Sloane would run to Molly and ask to go into her “hidey-hole”, and Molly would wrap Sloane up in her fleece, it was adorable.

Going to the water with Nini. As you can tell by Nini’s jacket it wasn’t warm out
Sloane enjoyed jumping over the waves

Unfortunately, it was very, very windy. So windy, we couldn’t fly the kites for the kids, as the wind just grounded the kites after about 30 seconds. Sloane was a trooper, but there is only so much sand in the eye a little girl can take in a day… so we would spend some time in the hot tub to warm up and then play inside. Before dinner the kids got to watch some movies. It was fun to see the pile of cousins enthralled.

Hot tubbing was very fun for Sloane, especially with her cousins
A little movie time, and cousin cuddles
different movie similar cuddle pile. In the background you can see Papa 2 with a fleece coat on…. it was that cold.

Sloane got in a little Auntie time, and it was great. Somehow all of Sloane’s Aunts are super patient, and that makes it easy for Sloane to hang out with each of them.

Sloane telling Darby a little story, I think

Have I told you Sloane is a little silly sometimes? This was a little cheese while getting dressed.

What a goof!

We even had some chances for a little Mom, Dad and Sloane time, here and there. Also despite it being a vacation Sloane did some hard work of continuing her potty training. She woke up from naps with dry diapers, wore undies most of the time and didn’t have any accidents!!!

Most likely Sloane was asking for a story… “tell me a story about Lonnie the lion going to school”


Go Timbers!


What a cute family! Like I said it was a gorgeous view from the deck.

It was a fun time and we can’t wait for another trip with family. Hopefully the next beach trip is less windy.