Big sister in the fall

Sloane is very excited to become a big sister this fall. She asks all the time if it is the fall yet because she know that is when the baby is coming. Sloane makes up fun stories about what she wants to do for the baby- taking the baby swimming, sit next to the baby in the car, and hold the baby. When I told her that G and Pa will be visiting after the baby is born, she said she wants to introduce the baby to them.

Practicing taking care of her little deer

I am closing in on 34 weeks, due on September 26th. I am telling myself the baby won’t be born until October. I psyched myself out with Sloane, thinking she would be born around 39 weeks, but she waited until 41 weeks to be ready.

At the zoo with the belly and the big girl

We haven’t found out if it is a boy or a girl. When we ask Sloane what she thinks, she says ‘it’s a baby’ which is great with us. She was at my last midwife appointment and we had an ultrasound to check that the baby was head down- and the baby is head down! Sloane loved seeing the images and hearing the heart beat. I didn’t get it on video, but she did a little dance to the heartbeat sound. She also insisted our midwife, Jodi, check the heart rate of the baby in Sloane’s belly as well. Mostly, we heard her lunch gurgling around.