Sloane has been enjoying more play time with friends. They actually seem to play together now instead of just beside each other, especially with the bigger friends. Sloane likes to talk and tell stories about them after we part ways. And then wants to hear the story over and over and over again.

Art time with Rally and Bennett at the River House
Lincoln came to town! (with his mom Mesi and dad Nate)
Ring around the rosie with Moria and Elyan
And they mostly all fall down
Playground with Lulu and Kelly
Dipping dahlias with Maera
These girls 🙂

We met a little girl named Cedar at playground one day. Since then, Sloane talks about Cedar often and makes up stories about playing in mud-puds with her and Lulu. In the stories they sometimes then find their way to a dance stage and all danced for their moms.

And this week, Sloane made up an imaginary friend. I had an aloe vera juice drink that Sloane was asking about. Somehow Sloane turned this into a friend named Aloe Vera. Today, Sloane called Aloe Vera on her phone and asked her to meet at the country fair for a picnic and to have lollipops tomorrow. Obviously, she is going to take after me for being a planner!


Back in August, I told Sloane she could have a new backpack if she took 2 naps without a guggie. She requested a red backpack just like in Rosie Goes to Preschool (a book we had from the library for about 2 months). The first backpack got a hole in a couple days. I upped my game and got a nice LL Bean one with a water bottle pocket. Sloane is very proud of her backpack. And she’s been guggie-free for all sleeping for over a month!

First backpack
Oh, and she loves to hug the traffic cones at school
Second try- little bigger and much better!


Sloane has great hair- honey colored and curly! When it is wet, it looks so long and then it springs up in curls when it dries. Lately she has been requesting 3-4 ponytails and the banana curl ringlets are the best. It is getting close to time for her first haircut possibly but she cries when we talk about. Not sure where that came from…. we’ll cross that bridge post new baby I think.

2 pom pom pigtails with Maera
3 ponytails
4 ponies from the back
4 ponies in the park with Maera


But let’s be honest, most of the time it looks like this!