After asking Sloane many times, she decided to be ladybug girl, who is a character in a series of books that Sloane loves. Ladybug girl has a bug squad- Bumblebee boy, Dragon fly girl, and Butterfly girl. So instant family of four costume! Most of the effort went into Sloane’s costume and she was super cute! We went over to our friends, the Wades. It was Maera and Sloane’s 3rd Halloween together. Now they both have little brothers, though Soren is a giant compared to Brannon.


G and Pa meet Soren

G and Pa came for a nice long visit in October. We were able to go to the pumpkin patch all together. Pa thought we were just going to a farm stand to pick out pumpkins and was surprised by the size of the operation- farm animals, pumpkin catapult, hay rides, and a hay bale pyramid! We had so much fun and Sloane really got into picking out a pumpkin this year. She just wanted to wander around in the pumpkin patch on her own. Pa had a hard time keeping up with her when she started walking!

G and Pa were so happy to meet their first grandson, and play with Sloane. She has changed drastically since they last saw her in May. We all went to tumbling and they got see her improved physicality. My mom spent an hour playing a game of ‘school drop off’ and ‘nap time’ while I was getting my license renewed (They expiring on your birthday, not the end of the month here in WA). We were also able to celebrate Pa and my birthday together. I always miss my dad on our birthday and now it is a special year when we get to be together. We had my favorite- seafood chowder with crusty bread, which was great because 2 weeks later I had to cut dairy and gluten for Mr. Soren……

We can’t wait for G and Pa to come back in the spring.

The newest Bramble

Time to catch you up on the past couple months…..

Here’s me a week before giving birth. We went to see the swifts fly into the school chimney in NW Portland with the Lembos. I was certain that I’d have another 2 weeks before the baby arrived but I was wrong.

On September 23rd, we all slept well and had a relaxing morning at home. Sloane wanted us all to go together to Costco, but I was having contractions that require my focus. Adam and Sloane went out and I stayed home to relax. I told Adam that I didn’t want to drive myself to acupuncture at 1pm and he offered to take me. What I should have said was I couldn’t drive myself because I couldn’t have the contractions and focus on the road. Acupuncture was amazing and helped me relax. Once we got home, my contractions were 10 minutes apart and we got ready to leave. By the time we had the last minute items in the bag and called the hospital, my contractions were 2 minutes apart. I was doing my deep breathing and relaxation techniques so Adam had no idea how far along I was. We were going to get me in the car ready to go when Paula arrived when I went to the bathroom one last time. I leaned on the bathroom counter and had a couple more contractions. At that time, I told Adam I wasn’t going to make it to the hospital. He was very supportive and thought I was doubting myself. One more contraction and I told him to call 911 because I felt his head. Paula arrived just in time to scoop up Sloane, call 911, and wait for the EMTs in the driveway. Adam caught the baby and we had our son! He cried right away and was pretty perfect. Once transferred to the hospital, we got his stats- 9 lb 10 oz and 20.5 inches! Smaller than Sloane but was 10 days earlier than her. Soren was a name I loved and we thought was a strong first name. Forrest is his middle name in remembrance of Paula’s father (his first name) and Stephanie’s mother (her maiden name).

We have been settling into life as a family of four. Sloane loves Soren so much. I don’t want to jinx it, but so far she has not resented him at all- even when he cries the entire car ride somewhere. If Soren is crying during a diaper change, Sloane rushes back to see what is the matter. She loves putting blankets on him, helping give him a bath, and rocking his car seat.

Soren has been growing like a weed. At just over 5 weeks, he was up to 12 lbs 5 oz. After some struggle in the beginning with breastfeeding, we are on a good track. He wants to sleep right next to me mostly and does not really like his rock’n’play or co-sleeper. He is starting to smile and giggle. His smile is often a half smile and little crooked- so freakin’ cute.