A quick trip to NH

Jesse, Cam, and Lida really needed to meet Soren and this fall was too busy for them to make it out to the West Coast. So I brought Soren to them! We surprised Lida at the airport. She thought she was with Pa at Logan picking up a package and instead they picked up us. The plan for the short visit was to get as much time together and relax as much a possible. And it worked! Jesse and Lida skipped school on Friday to hang out and got tons of good Soren time. Soren thought Cam’s deep Louis Armstrong impression was hilarious. Jesse is the ultimate baby holder for naps- she lasted 2.5 hours one afternoon. And Lida was very helpful with fetching items needed. We all decorated G and Pa’s house for Christmas and it felt wonderful to get a little holiday time with my family as this was our Vancouver Christmas year. Soren was great on the airplane and hopefully this is the start of a good traveling kiddo.

Adam and Sloane stayed home and Sloane was really sick. She had a fever for a few days and a bad cough. Adam said Sloane never let him get more than 4 feet away from her from Thursday morning to Monday morning except for the first couple hours of sleep each night. And then he caught the bug….. Soren and I definitely got the better end of the deal. We’ll make it up to them some day.

Meeting cousin Lida
What’s that in your pocket, Pa?


Soren’s first snow
Big smiles for Aunt Jesse
Pa is funny too
Gigantic smiles for Uncle Cam
Loving G snuggles


Soren was about the same age Sloane was on her first trip to NH. On her trip, it snowed also. And we propped her up in a doll highchair that Pa made for Lida’s favorite doll Pa baby. We set up Soren in it as well because as my dad would say babies are good props!

Soren 12/2017
Sloane 03/2015
Merry Christmas!

Thanksgiving and Soren turns 2 months old

We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving this year with the Brambles. Morgan was the only one in from out of town and Sloane was super excited to see her. The quiet part was nice because Sloane had a stomach bug the two days before Thanksgiving. She was not quite herself and didn’t have much of an appetite. With a two month old, it was great to have Adam home for 4 days in a row to help with cuddles needed by both kiddos.


Soren was two months old on Thanksgiving and had his doctor appointment on 11/27. He was 14 lbs 15 oz at that time. He is gaining on Sloane and might catch up to her by his 4 month check up. The same day as his appointment, Sloane fell at school and smashed her mouth into a wooden chair. She had a fat lower lip and seemed ok. But when we went to give her milk before bed, we discovered her left upper tooth was knocked back a bit. A trip to the dentist the next day showed that her tooth and root were not fractured. It is a wait and see for the next month to see if it will make it or need to be pulled. We have to remind Sloane to eat with the side of her mouth not her front teeth.