Jesse and Lida visit!

We were so happy to have Jesse and Lida visit in late April. Not only are they super fun, they are the best house guests! It took a day or two but Sloane and Soren warmed and loved them so much. We had a couple adventures but mostly stuck around Vancouver. We took them to dim sum- Chinese brunch of dumplings and such. It was a big hit with everyone.

The warmest day we drove out to spend the day on the coast. When we got there, it was a bank of clouds sitting over Cannon Beach! We grabbed lunch and went into a shop or two. Lida got some cozy Cannon Beach sweats and Jesse and Lida bought Sloane a mermaid doll she fell in love with. Sloane named her ‘Mermaid Turtley’ because she came with a turtle. We still went down to the beach and played a bit. Sloane went into the water because is a hot-box. It was crazy because we couldn’t even see Hay Stack rock which is a huge rock right on the beach!

The most lasting memory of this trip has been Ash and her boyfriend. Ash is a character from Sing the movie. Ash is a porcupine who is a rocker with a boyfriend. Sloane wanted to pretend to be Ash and asked Lida to be her boyfriend. This was pretty funny in the car and once we got to the beach, we were walking around town with Sloane saying ‘my boyfriend this’ and ‘my boyfriend that’. The looks from passersby was hilarious. Sloane decided Ash wears a dress with a skirt under it. And that is what Sloane has been wearing every day since! The laundry is all skirts and dresses- no t-shirts, pants, shorts, or tanks.

We loved our visit and hope it will be an annual trip!