Soren, an update

Little mister is 10.5 months old! What a crazy summer it has been. Soren has moved from army crawling, to all fours crawling, to pulling to stand, to cruising along furniture. I think he’ll be walking in the next couple weeks.

Soren is working on popping out two teeth on top. They have been so close and driving him crazy! But he gives this wide open mouth kisses that slobber all over your cheek.

And oh man, does he love food! Bananas are the current favorite, along with oatmeal, beef, and pork. He literally pants for food, like a puppy dog. He also likes to carry toys around in his mouth, so maybe he is a puppy!


At his 9 month appointment, he was doing great. Recently, I weighed him and he is 23 lbs. I think he might be tall, but he looks so tiny standing next to Sloane. He wants to do everything she is doing and often pulls up right by her to see what she is doing.

He is starting to actually sleep which is great. We have gone from waking every 30-45 mins a night to sleeping 2-4 hour stretches. I am feeling less crazy and feeling like there might be a light at the end of this sleep tunnel. Everyone I tell about the sleep remarks that I am doing exceptionally well. But a few new patients seem less than impressed with my vocabulary range and communication skills, so we are working on me getting more hours in a row!

Now- a few cute pics for your enjoyment.

Sloane, an update

This little lady is so amazing! At first when she was turning 3.5, she wasn’t into it. But now when some asks, she says she is 3.5, not 3. I was quite excited to make the turn around the bend to 4 years old. I think the move was quite challenging for her that affected her mood but 3 to 3.5 years old was tough!

Sloane has been loving imaginary play. We play tons of Ash from Sing, Trolls the movie, Octanauts, and our friends/family. Sloane will often ask us to make up stories with her favorite characters; like Sarah and Duck or Pandora and Lila. It is amazing to see her mind working and her excitement build around these imaginary stories.

This girl is so compassionate and caring as well. We have been hearing from her teachers at school that she is helpful when other kids are having trouble. She has helped when a younger student transited into the pre-k room. Sloane has also encouraged and helped when a fellow student clean her nap mat. I think the cutest thing right now is that Sloane loves on Soren and calls him all these cute terms of endearment- little bubua, schnoopy, and bubs.

I didn’t know if Sloane would be much like me as a little girl but oh man I was wrong. She loves chatting and will talk non-stop from waking to sleeping. She finds mirrors everywhere and ‘performs’ in them. The other day at the grocery store I couldn’t figure out what she was doing while we were walking by the sausage section but then I saw a mirror along the top and realized she was watching herself tell a story. G and Pa remember a little girl who use to do the same thing!

Sloane is loving summer time- swimming, watering and watching the garden grow, grilling and eating on the deck, and playing with friend. Her water skills are improving- she will jump in, along with pushing off and swimming underwater a few feet. She is brave and adventurous!


Here are some pics of this lovely lady