And she is 4!

Little miss turned 4 on Monday. Over the weekend, she kept say “can you believe it is my birthday soon, can you believe I am going to be 4?”

Sloane has become such a big girl over the past year. Her imagination has exploded- acting out stories and imagining adventures. She loves to take characters from her favorite books and shows and make up new stories; or have us make up new stories. I was very happy when the Octonauts phased out because her favorite story was one I made up about Peso hurts his bum. It evolved into Peso getting injured and bandaged all over his body and then one where his bum got stuck to an ice burg. No matter what I made up to get him unstuck (hairdryer, salt, special lotion, time!), she would say nope they don’t have that on the Octopod, Peso is still stuck. She has an interesting sense of humor for sure.

Face painting at school

We are continually impressed by her compassion and kindness. When Soren hurts himself, she’ll tell us to let her comfort him, patting his back saying ‘there there bug a boo.’ There are kids as school she refers to as nice Gabe and curly haired Gabe!

Starting in early December, Sloane took her first class that was just for kids, no parents allowed! It is a ballet class at the community center near our house.┬áThe first class was hard for Sloane but after coming to sit with me for a bit, she marched back in for the rest of the class. I wasn’t holding out high hopes but it has been amazing. The teacher, Miss Jenny, manages to hold 8+ kids in rapt attention for 45 minutes. Plus, she requires they all wear pink tights, pink shoes, black leotards, and buns in their hair- so the line up of children is adorable! The last class of the month, we got to sit in and watch.

Sloane has not been very interested in drawing. Her people look like Mike Grabowski from Monsters Inc. She hasn’t really attempted any other shapes or objects. As Rach put it, Sloane is more of a performing artist than a visual artist. She will sit down and pretend to write, filling up page after page of scribbles and narrating while she goes. She is also working hard on writing her name and is getting quite good, other than the tricky S.

Sloane was very excited to have her birthday party at our house this year. We kept it small because of the busy holiday season. Pancakes and Pajamas was the theme so we wouldn’t have to get dressed on Sunday morning. Sloane did end up wearing her Ash dress up dress but birthday girl gets to do that. She helped make the cupcakes again this year (they were pink, of course). Her mixing skills are impressive as she gets to practice them a couple times a week making cottage cheese pancakes with Adam.

She points with her middle finger often for unknown reasons
Dress up clothes from G and Pa

More cupcakes at Nini and Papa2’s on her actual birthdayWe sure love this little lady!

Still fits in the highchair!