October 2019

We made a trip to the pumpkin patch in early October this year. We went on a Sunday morning close to opening. I figured this would be the perfect time because Vancouver has so many churches, the patch would be quiet. I was wrong and it was crazy. We ran into a friend of Sloane’s from ballet class and running around with a friend really made it a fun day.

Darby came for a visit and ran the Portland marathon! We were so proud of her and amazed she still had energy to play with the kids like the amazing aunt she always is for them.

We have been having some great scooter rides, enjoying the leaves and the nice weather!

Halloween was super fun this year. Soren wore a wolf costume that was Ellie’s back in the day. He loved to howl and was pretty adorable. Sloane wanted to be Ash from Sing just like she was last year. Again she was super cute. We went around the block with our neighbors and it reminded me of trick or treating with Hannah when I was little. It was sweet to see how excited the kids get when they are all together. Soren totally got the hang of trick or treating but seemed to be prejudice against any candy that wasn’t in an orange wrapper. He would walk away from the door and hand any other colors to Adam.

When we got home, we took over for Bill handing out candy. This was a big hit with Soren and Sloane. Soren kept saying ‘They coming, they coming” when he saw groups walking on the sidewalk. Overall, a successful Halloween!


I realize the top picture and the start of the post is going to seem scary, so I want to start off by saying Soren is doing great. We just had a little health issue that I wanted to document.

At Soren’s two year appointment on 9/27, they did a toe prick blood draw to check lead levels and for anemia. Soren’s levels for anemia were low twice, so they ordered a blood draw. We found out the following Monday that it was not the typical anemia- iron deficiency anemia. He had a low red blood cell count with perfect iron levels. Our pediatrician corresponded with pediatric hematology and ordered another set of labs for one week after the first. This confirmed his red blood cells were low and not increasing.

Looking a little pale and taking a rest in tumbling class

On 10/7, we were seen by pediatric hematology at Randell Children’s Hospital. They confirmed that the diagnosis is transient erythrocytopenia of childhood. The best word in this diagnosis is transient! Once it is caught, it takes 2-8 weeks to resolve. The doctor assured us this was a typical presentation- after a virus (can be mild- like his runny nose from starting day care) and is caught from a screening or from noticing the child is pale. The virus stops his bone marrow from making just red blood cells. The treatment is primarily watch and wait. We were scheduled for twice a week blood draws to check is hemoglobin levels along with his immature red blood cell count to see when he starts making his own red blood cells. The staff was amazing- caring for how to make the blood draws comfortable for him and answering all our questions.

The hospital floor had great play room and toys

On 10/15, we went in for a draw and his levels had dropped again. The doctor could hear a gallop in his heart and recommended a blood transfusion. Luckily, Paula was available and she came to get Sloane. Adam and I spent the day with Soren in the day treatment area of the hospital. They couldn’t get an IV started so we waited about 2 hours for the IV team. Once the IV was in, it took 3 hours to transfuse the blood. Soren was such a champ! We let him watch as much TV as he wanted- which was Secret Life of Pets and Zootopia, both animated animal movies that he loved. After the transfusion, his lips looked more pink and he had more energy.

Amazing to have music therapy stop by the room
Adam also enjoyed the two movies
Orange San Pellegrino + an egg shaker= happy kiddo

One week later at a follow-up, he’s labs were better and we were cleared for two weeks for the next visit. On 11/5, his labs were awesome- hemaglobin higher than right after the transfusion and he was producing new blood cells at 2.5 times the average rate, meaning his body was making up the difference. And we are released- no more appointments needed! The doctor told me he was going to miss seeing Soren because he has such a sweet personality. It was nice to hear but I am glad we don’t have to go back!