Sloane is 5 years old!

5 years old in our house is also referred to by Sloane as the kindergarten age. She has been looking forward to being 5 for a while now. Every one has been saying that it is a big birthday and it sure seems that way. She really looks like a girl now with all her toddler smoosh melting away. Her hair is very long with curls at the end still. Almost all of her pronunciation is on point, though she still says breafthkist for breakfast.

Sloane has been killing lately with how sharp she is! We will be trying to avoid saying a certain word so Soren won’t hear or something we are waiting to tell her. We can’t spell words because she figures that out immediately, so we will just say the first two letters. And she figures that out now too! She is starting to pick out some words in books now. She has so many books memorized that she ‘reads’ out loud to us. I think the memorization is actually more challenging that reading! Sloane has been doing great with her letters and this year wrote the ‘thank you’ and ‘Sloane’ parts of her birthday thank you cards.

Sloane is quite dramatic, which is entertaining at some times and annoying at others. She will make up songs and rhythms that are quite funny. She makes up crazy dances and tumbling moves. She also feels big emotions and makes sure we know it (and if you knew me as a child, this should sound familiar….).

This year we have been very impressed with Sloane’s physical strength and capacity. Since this summer, she has been running so well. She loves playing tag and chase.

We were talking the other day about what she wanted to be when she was grown-up. Her American girl doll wants to be the first girl on Mars so this lead us to this conversation. Sloane said she did not want to be an astronaut. She said she wants to be a mommy, like me. I asked if she wanted to be anything else, like I was a mom but also a chiropractor. She said she wanted to be a chiropractor like me and work with me at the same office. Except for Wednesdays. When I asked what happens on Wednesdays, she said that I will be watching her kids on Wednesdays so she’ll work alone that day! Wednesdays are the day Nini and Papa 2 watch Sloane and Soren, so obviously that is the day I will watch her kids

Sloane is also an excellent friend and big sister. After her birthday party where we had 20 people in at our house, my friend texted to say she was impressed how Sloane included all her friends in the play and activity. Sloane and Soren adore each other. He has taken to calling her sister and will call for her outside her bedroom. She will cry if he gets hurt and is crying. There are a few hits back and forth, but everyone needs a few bruises growing up!

Quietly reading together

We sure do love this girl, half a decade and counting!