Alphabet song by Soren

This from December but was too good not to share now. He really loves singing and does great with his alphabet now. In the past couple weeks, his vocabulary has exploded. He jabbered for over 15 minutes in his crib before falling asleep last week, telling me about Silky (a character from a show) drinking water and it was funny, and that sometimes Silky drank juice. Adam and I are approaching a time that we are not going to be able to get an word in between Sloane and Soren.

Sloane the photographer

Here is a sampling of Sloane’s photos she took with her new camera.

Working on selfies

She is really enjoyed posing her toys and is also working on different perspectives.

Preset frames make for a dark commentary on Frozen 2

She took the camera to zoolights. Though she got some nice shots, she was a bit of a road block for the groups of people trying to walk. I am surprised we didn’t lose her that night (or Soren, as you can see him dashing through the picture below).

I think the best part of her having a camera is that she makes every one happy and they smile so big.

Christmas 2019

The picture above is actually the best picture of the four of us over Christmas

We were home in Vancouver this year for Christmas. Leading up to the big day, we were able to do some festive activities leading up to it. We felt a bit of the crunch with Thanksgiving being late this year and Sloane’s birthday sandwiched in there. We went to the Grotto to see the lights and hear Bennett’s choir on Sloane’s birthday. We also went to the Festival of lights at Portland International Raceway. Both kids got to sit on my lap going through the lights which made it their favorite Christmas activity.

We also got to make cookies, which this year Soren and I could eat! Sloane and I made some sugar cookies with Bennett and Rach on a nice quiet afternoon. Then we made peanut butter krinkles (my personal favorite) with the kids in the evening. They had some great feedback, see video.

We had 9 fun filled days with every one in town. Dim Sum was had by most, crazy indoor scooters were ridden at green meadows, and SO MUCH FOOD was eaten. The cousins played so well together. Soren really took to Ellie and wanted to sit in her lap most of the time. Max was so sweet and caring with both kids. Zander was very understanding about compromising for the younger kids needs.

Christmas morning was super fun. All the kids had matching pajamas and looked ridiculously cute. Through the whirlwind of present openings, there were lots of big hits with the kids. Sloane loved her Anna and Elsa doll. A Kristoff doll came with them, but he is second fiddle and is often the thing she will allow Soren to play with. Soren loved his gold fish crackers from his stockings. The big hit was the leaf blower Morgan gave him. He loves it and calls it his vacuum. It came with ear and eye protection, a fav for Soren.

We also had a couple video chats with our New Hampshire family. Sloane and Soren were so happy to see them. We also opened presents with them on video chat and though choas was prominent, it was fun. Sloane got a camera from G and P and just wait for the amazing Sloane photo journal post coming soon.

We went to zoo lights on the 26th. It was my first time and my biggest regret is not dressing the kids in white hats to make sure I could find them in the crowds! We got to see three of the elephants eating in the indoor pavilion and the mountain goats sleeping on little ledges like white puff balls. They also had a couple real reindeer, in addition to millions of lights.

We got tickets to see Matilda at a children’s theater in Portland. Paula, Adam, and I took Ellie, Max, Zander, and Sloane. It was so much fun and geared maybe just slightly too old for Sloane. I was sure she was going to ask to leave at intermission, but she rallied and enjoyed it. Having the big cousins there helped. We met a couple cast members after, including the 17 year old who played Matilda. She was very sweet even when Sloane got super shy.

For New Year’s Eve, we relaxed and had a quiet night. eating beefalo steaks and green beans. We watched the new Grinch from Netflix that is super good. (We watched on Christmas day before dinner which helped keep tempers at bay for the hour delay!). We are hoping for a happy healthy 2020; with more sleep and more travels than we got in 2019.